The Mobile App Industry of Today – Infographic

Over the past decade, the mobile app industry has defined and then re-defined itself. It has become smarter, more useful, and more profitable. Ten years ago, browsing an app store was very different. There were technical terms in app descriptions, the apps were named arbitrarily, and the burden of proof was on the consumer. The ‘burden of proof’ here means that the consumers had to convince themselves that the app was worth a shot. Today, thanks to the competition, it’s entirely upon the publishers to market their apps. The publishers have managed to change the markets for the better through both front-end app marketing and back-end marketing. Primarily, the publishers are focusing on the following rules to get users to try their apps.

Rules for Dominating the Mobile App Industry & the Mind of the Users

1. “Seeing is believing”.

The smart phone user of today is a lot busier than that of 10 years ago. Today, browsing through the app store is more of a necessity than fun activity. And the publishers know that. They’ve been smart enough to understand that the users can’t be bothered with reading and going into the details too much. So most publishers use screenshots of their apps and put them up on the app page. This is a norm now, and all app stores allow publishers to do this.

2. Identity is the foremost selling point.

Three things matter here: name, logo, and description. If someone is browsing through the store and he or she sees your app along with ten others, you cannot afford to not stand out. To build an app outlook that’s catchy, the first thing developers focus on is the name of the app. They try to describe the function of the app through the name. But it’s always catchy. The logo is next. It incorporates the company’s color theme to reflect consistency, but it also supports both the app’s concept and its name. Then comes the description. Today, the publishers understand pretty well that if they don’t have the user in the first three lines, he’s gone. So they focus really hard on those lines and turn the description into a subliminal marketing message. 

3. Praise is a lot more valuable when it comes from others.

Through extensive surveys and research, the industry has come to understand that an average user (especially the Generation Z user) likes to believe he’s smarter than someone who’d buy something that’s self-praising. He likes to conduct his own little research before making a decision. And good reviews about apps serve as the research that these consumers need to be convinced. So developers embed rewards in the apps to encourage users to give positive feedback so that others may see that and follow. 

4. A little programming goes a long way.

Developers know that it takes very little time to insert the most relevant keywords to put in their app’s description, and it has a great impact. Keyword optimization is what helps the search algorithm choose your app in return for a particular query. Also, indexing has become a very important part of back-end marketing. Biznessapps and other top app building platforms offer a broad range of functionality for this purpose. You can avail that instead.

5. Go where the storm is. 

Although the apps are on the app stores, the users are not (not always, at least). So the developers have taken to the social media to market their apps, and that has proven to be an awesome active marketing technique.

The Mobile App Industry of Today
The Mobile App Industry of Today

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  1. Silicon Avatar

    Great Infographic on Mobile App with clear mind set of customers. I think very soon we may see 50% of online purchases on mobile devices. As the telecommunication industry launching good internet schemes.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Thanks Silicon for sharing your idea.

  2. J F Avatar
    J F

    Awesome infographic on mobile app with clear mind set of customer.,.. Thanks silicon for sharing you idea.,.,

  3. Calvin Avatar

    You have shared really informative content with the use of superb graphic. Graphical presentation always helpful to grab the in detail concept.

    Thanks for sharing… keep sharing..

  4. Hitesh Unavane Avatar
    Hitesh Unavane

    Very nice infographic,I am my self seeing this change as my father is using his mobile device more than ever.Recently he doing more shopping online through his phone rather than his computer.

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