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Smart Cooking Appliances That Should Adorn Your Kitchen

Move over backsplash tiles and crystal encrusted countertops. Today it’s about smart cooking appliances and how well your kitchen is integrated with it all. When it it comes to smart cooking appliances, here is our list of must-haves in your home.

Some of the Best Smart Cooking Appliances You Must Have

Smart cooking appliances for your home.
In order to have the last mile experience from your cooking, there’s need for smart cooking appliances. This article discusses some of these smart cooking appliances and benefits attached to them.

BehmorCoffee Maker

This connected temperature control coffee maker is a cut above the other smart coffee pots. It promises you full flavor coffee using its pulsed water flow movement. This means your coffee grounds are well-moistened and impart the rich smooth taste you crave. Heat the water up before you make your coffee, or just set the pre-soak duration and what specific temperature your coffee needs to be made at. You can use your Behmor app to do all this. A truly personalized experience, the Behmor allows you to actually create a profile to brew your coffee.

Amazon Echo Show

The latest offering from Amazon is completely interactive, allowing you to make your list and place orders for goods. But this is just the start of the process. Its screen lets you watch videos on YouTube, listen to audiobooks, check out recipes and even look at snaps. Not just this, keep an eye out on things with the Echo on security cameras that are connected to the device. Call your friends on video chat and pair this device with any number of devices, from Ecobee to Spotify. Eight microphones and Dolby speakers enhance the experience even more. It comes equipped with Alexa.

Summit Ingenious Refrigerator

While the Samsung brand of smart fridges is most known, the Summit is also a keen contender for top spot in the field. Apart from settings selection that lets you adjust temperature, power cool and create functions for when you’re not at home, you can also set an alarm on the door. The Smart Station consists of a cooled compartment where you can keep the items you need at hand, without repeated opening and closing of the fridge door. Handy for the kids and their demands! It’s not strictly a smart gadget, but it does do its bit to make your life easy.

TefalActifry Smart XL

Love your fried food but worried about high cholesterol? This healthy fryer is the right fit for you. It helps to create healthy and delicious dishes; its many recipes and instructions will help you cook with no difficulty. Toggle on your Bluetooth and connect to the app to create memorable dishes. This is more than a kitchen device. It’s a piece of equipment that can help improve your health.

Juicero Home Cold Press Juicer

Cold pressed juice is all the rage today and Juicero capitalizes on it. It’s got a pretty steep price tag and is connected to the internet. You get updates on your juice but a word of caution- if you think your juice can be anything at all, you’re wrong. There are ingredients, called packs that Juicero comes with. Only they can be used. The app will tell you what the ‘pressing profile’ needs to be for the pack you use.

Smart plates and smart forks help you with mindful eating and weight watching. Find the right fit from this wide range of useful smart cooking appliances for your kitchen and cook away!

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