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  • 5 Apps To Maximize Your Smartphone’s Performance

    Brian and his squad made a sudden plan to go camping the next day. All his friends rushed to the mall to buy some clothes and other essentials. But Brian plopped on the couch with his laptop and smartphone. His phone was acting weird lately, and he wanted to fix all issues before they leave. […]

  • A breakthrough aluminium battery that charges your smartphone in 60 seconds!

    Discover a breakthrough aluminium battery that could charge your smartphone in just 60 seconds. One of the primary and consistent challenge smartphone user faces is, and will continue, to be battery problem. Even with the influx of high-end smartphones to replace the obsolete ones that we thought has lesser battery lifespan, some users still find […]

  • With Bio Batteries, You’ll Soon Start Charging Batteries with Blood Flow

    In many ways batteries power the modern world. Everything that the modern man deems essential, in terms of technology, is powered by a battery. We enjoy the luxury of being able to take our tablets and smartphones anywhere and still use them as if they were plugged in. However, there are certain frailties that accompany […]

  • Apple confirms iOS 5 battery issues – fix coming in weeks

    Apple confirms and ready to ix iOS 5 battery issues  Reports from AllThingsD authoritatively claims that Apple has confirmed it has found some problems in relation with its latest iOS that are causing some battery related issues. In his statement which was made directly to AllThingsDigital, the company said: “A small number of customers have reported lower than […]