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  • News: Millicom invests in Rwanda, PayStand accepts Bitcoin, and Bitrix challenges DropBox

    April fool, April Cool!!! Yeah, April is going to be one of the COOLEST month for the tech scene this year with series of technological innovations. It looks promising; Bitrix is challenging Dropbox for Russian largest online backup space, Paym now allowing UK bank account holders to pay IOUs through their mobile number – first […]

  • Dropbox App for Android Gets an Update

    Galaxy nexus is known as the first Android handset and smartphone running the Ice Cream Sandwich has officially been released. And this is the right time for developers to update their apps and that’s one of the reason why Dropbox released its major software update for their app that is in the Android Market. This […]

  • Dropbox Will Help Simplify Your Life

    Dropbox Will Help Simplify Your Life Dropbox is a file sharing website that let people share information, particularly computer documents, via the internet to other people without the stress of using flash drives and some other file transferring devices. Any files stored on dropbox is secured better than the other file storage folders available on […]

  • How To Download Directly From The Internet to your DropBox Account

    If you have a Dropbox account, you will understand what I am about to show you here. With dropbox, you can save your files and folder which you have on your computer hard drives to the backup spaces which DropBox offers you as one of its users but, there’s only one way in which you […]

  • DropBox Is The Future Of Internet

    How would you feel if you’re to lose an important files due to hitches or malfunction of your computer? Have you ever wondered how you’d feel like if you were unable to restore your data after a computer hard disk failure? I know that you will feel troubled! But wait, that problem will be resolved soon […]