Top 5 Lenovo Laptops for 2014 – The Best of the Bests of Lenovos!

Proficient tech support, top quality, best-in-class ergonomics, exclusive designs and unique features make Lenovo one of the most ground-breaking Laptop Companies. Promising adaptable and most excellent entertainment experience, Lenovo offers wide collection of laptops for their target segments in the market to meet their expectations and to build long-term relationship. Now if you are planning […]

Who’s got the edge – Samsung, Apple or Lenovo?

As you hold in your hands any of the gadgets from these three technological giants, you wouldn’t quite perceive who’s got the best in terms of information processing capacity, memory and display because all three carries excellent processing, superb memory and sleek display. And what may be admirable for one person may not be so […]

A 37 inch Lenovo ThinkPad Helix revealed at CES

Since CES 2012, invention and innovation in the tablet and laptop have gone a long way. With so many changes in designs and features; manufacturers just couldn’t stop with their imaginations. I have read some time ago that you have to think big to come up with such small wonders. Which I think is the […]

Lenovo introduces tabletop touch-screen Computer, CES 2013 update

Lenovo is a Chinese PC maker, the company is featuring in this year’s CES conference with a new and unique product. Apple came with the idea of the tablet computer as a mobile device, now Lenovo has created a tabletop touch-screen computer called IdeaCentre Horizon, it is being featured at the 2013 CES conference in […]

Lenovo S2 hands-on review and specs

Lenovo, this past week, has shown surprising amount of fabulous devices to its hordes of press who are looking to snap photos and take videos of the event -as the company ran Android for mobile phone and Windows for both of its mobile and laptop stations – this shows that Lenovo S2 represents the Android […]