How to Track Your Google Ranking Performance Easily

If you have been blogging for a while now, chances are that, you will reach a point where you might fee tired of what you are doing all these while – how your blog ranked and some other things might be the cause of the feed-up. But, wouldn’t that hatred be suspended if you have a work-checklist that can give you detailed information on how you do your business promotion, how Google search engine sees your blog to make you work harder to obtain good result? Definitely, you will like something of such.What is Google Free Website Monitor?

Free Monitor for Google  is an application software that won’t only show you what your real position are on search engine like Google but, it will also prompt you where your top competitors are on search engine. It will reveal all the identity of your competitors, letting know very well how to improve your website promotion to as to rank higher. If you are targeting one or two keywords, this tool will give you an idea of how your competitors are doing on that keyword and how you too can outsmart them.

How to Use – Is It Complex?

You might have been waiting to ask. You don’t have to because this tool works wonder, it doesn’t waste times like how some other normal software for SEO out there does.

  • All you have to do is to download and install it.
  • Start the application after you might have already installed it.
  • Enter your website URL into the box provided in the software.
  • Insert the Keyword you want to search how your site rank better for. The tool work better by showing your the exact place you are on Google for that keyword without hassle. Another tool that worked wonders that way is Traffic Travis which I gave away as my contest gift last two months ago.
  • It is nice when it comes to better user interface. Everything is clean and clear, you don’t need to be a techie before you can be able to use the application on your computer.

Operating Systems Requirements

This software is a nice blessing to bloggers and webmasters. The reason is because it supports most windows operating system as at 1998 version. So, if you are using the old or newer version of the windows operating system (except windows 7 – the developer of this software is working on developing one that can work for windows 7 soon), you don’t have any problem at all.

If your operating system comply with those ones I have mentioned above, all you need to do is to plug-in and start enjoying the benefit of this cool SEO tool.

Download Free Monitor for Google from Cleverstat!

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