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Top 10 Hot Computer tips to Troubleshoot your PC

Top Hot Computer tips and tricks for PC troubleshooting

Troubleshooting are of different dimensions and gravity, but how it is done is what really matters, whichever dimension your take, troubleshooting has no corner; a spade is a spade even as a layman calls it.

PC may develop any kind of these errors or problem once in a while like the ones below, believe me it will certainly happen to you either you want it or not, but your approach to handle it is what matters a lot. Computer can give some of these problems:

  • Power Failure
  • Booting Failure
  • Display Error or Failure
  • Software Issues

And the list goes on and on…. What you need to do first if yours falls in any of these categories is to first identify the fault by checking out some of the things that might be the cause for the errors, as you know that a problem known is already half-solved.

When you begin to see errors from your computer performance, check out the following common occurrence and the tips need to apply any time it happens to get you out of any of these mess are well mentioned below.



Power failure often occurs as a result of errors in some critical parts of the computer’s power converter or adapter. So whenever this situation occurs – you need not to worry yourself too much but to do the task below to solve the challenge.

1. Check out Your PC Power Cable:

Your power cable might have been damaged due to poor or careless handling. However if you are not sure of how you can check your power cable, don’t worry, you just have to posses any of these three tools: – a screwdriver tester, a Multimeter, or a locally made Lamp-tester.

After getting these things ready, then remove your power pack and check if there is current flowing across the cable, if a current flow through it then maybe the second tip is what is applicable to you.

2. Check the PC Power Pack:

Of all power pack issues – power pack makes 80% of the fault applicable to power problem, if you are a Notebook or Laptop user you may be familiar with power pack getting burnt. To continue our discussion from the first step above, after you have checked thoroughly the power cable and yet its not faulty, try to sniff the power pack for any burnt odour if smelt then you might to purchase and replace the power by buying from a local computer dealer closer to you, But for a Desktop user, before you run into conclusion that your power pack is spoilt, you will need to follow these simple step

  • -Open the PC
  • -Disconnect the power pack from everything it is connected to
  • -Then check the outputs that connects to the DVD / CD drive, and please note that they are color coded +5volt[Yellow] and +12volts[Red] which are also referred to as the positive terminals and the black colored are the GND +/- 0volt also referred to as the negative terminal


Booting failure often occurs as a result of many wrong or careless did, and practically on this error there are many areas that needed to be checked out. Part of the causes for boot failures includes the following according to their gravity…

  • Hard drive problem
  • Memory shift
  • Improper Shutdown

3. Reboot The PC:

If you are in a situation for the last cause, I mean if an improper shutdown was detected, all you need first is reboot your PC and if symptoms persist, you need the other step to take.

4. Run OS Repair:

Sometimes when a boot failure occurs, you may have to run your operating system repair program if you find out your PC could not boot up to window due to one system file is rather lost or missing, this is the only useful option for you to regain your PC back to normal, at times it maybe more than you expected that will occur, but never mind its never out of control it may be this next step that you needed.

5. Install Original Application Software’s every time:

Installing a Microsoft original software is also another option for getting yourself out of a booting problem that occurs when your are about to boot your PC.

6. Run a Self Diagnostic Program:

Provided you have used all the previous steps and yet it seems you are out of option, then why don’t you try this most especially if you are suspecting your hard drive be might has been making some strange hiss, whizling or some cracking sound earlier, this program can be found in the setup page of your system or better still you can get a windows 98’ startup CD to run a Check disk program, this may involve an high tech guy to help you though.

At times it might even be a simple problem, maybe a memory shift, Note that most of all the easily removable media or parts attached to PC can tend slightly shift thereby creating a big problem for the user.

7. Remove and Refix your PC memory:

This include opening the PC and removing the memory, cleaning the terminals and re-fixing back with caution, just as simple as ABC as they say. In most cases the PC memory tends to shift as you move around your PC, and then it may not be noticeable but at climax it stops the PC from working normally.


Practically speaking, this is another problem PC user faces on a daily basis as their PC’s just suddenly start display problems, but sometimes you will wonder why it is like that, these are the likely causes to that effects.

  • Bad Lighting Module
  • On-board VGA IC problem
  • Display Flex problem
  • Memory Shift
  • Broken Screen

These are just some to mention but a few, most of this problem are caused by our individual handling of our PC, some  people prefer to dump their PC anywhere anytime, this is not a good way to maintain a PC,  before you can rightly jump to conclusion for any of these errors you may need to identify with previous symptoms before you can pick any as the cause for your PC display error, symptoms may be this or the others

  • Blinking display: Either noticed or not will eventually results in no Lighting display later if not properly and quickly taking care of, this is usually caused by the lighting module found in the Monitor or display, solution to this to replace with a new module.

8. Remove and Replace the Lighting Molecule:

To do this all you need is the proper tools to open the screen area and remove the module, take it to a local computer dealer and Buy the exact type to fix at a good cost.

  • One side display: This is a glaring thing to see if you are very vigilant, because before a screen can display on one side of the screen there might have been a crack un-noticed in one side of the screen, If this is your own case just know that there is no shortcut to your spending and I pray your display is not one of those sophisticated type.

9. Replace the Broken Screen:

This is the only solution as far as a broken screen is involved, many people ask, can’t it be repaired and I use to tell them that “the engineer that will do that is not born yet”, and I wonder why they ask, I guess maybe because of the cost of getting another screen. For this reason, it is advisable for you to make proper care of your screen, clean it with care and caress it well.

10. Change the Display Flex of the PC:

Changing the display flex is another option to make your PC have a great display performance, most especially when the display blink at an ordinary air blowing the screen.


At times, computer may have software error issues due to some problems that emanate from the computer software area. In most cases, this problems can be solve by using the correct software application. Using an outdated windows operating systems can affect how your computer works. So you need to be very much conversant with what you use your computer system for. And also be aware of how your computer connect to the internet, how you protect your computer system against virus attacks and some other things of such.

Software problems is the most dangerous and complex computer issues over the years and you need to make sure that you avoid doing what can make your computer have issues relating to software. Don’t share your computer wireless connection with others if you don’t trust the person, and even, if you trust that fellow; try avoiding sharing network resources over wireless because that can also affect your computer performance.

Hope you enjoy this write up about your PC maintenance? Then drop your comment below to get suggestion and to make us solve other computer problems that might be facing.

This is a guest post from Samson Abiodun fro eComputerTips.com, a computer tips and tricks blog that focuses on all day computer tips and tricks for your daily use. You can read some of his computer tips and tricks post his online security tips blog.

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