Keeping Video Conferencing in Business – Here’s The Catch!

WARNING: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Video Conferencing in your business!

Using video conferencing in your business? If you aren’t, here are eight reasons you should:

Video Conference Benefits for Small and Large Organizations

Video Conferencing in Business setup: The Best Ways to utilize teleconference in your business.

Cost efficient

Those days—when you had to shell out money for overnight hotel stays for your guests, rental fees for meeting venues, plane fares, along with a whole lot of charges, fees and expenses that always came along whenever you sent your employees on business trips—are over. With video conferencing solutions like Blue Jeans, team meetings can now happen at a more cost-efficient level. And because it’s cloud based, Blue Jeans for meetings offers the advantages of video calling without the problems, maintenance issues and huge costs of hardware-dependent systems.

Everybody present

Have something to say to your onsite and offsite staff? Do you have people working on remote? Video conferencing is one way to ensure that everybody is in the meeting. Wherever they are, they can connect to the video meeting, whether they use their home laptops, smartphones or even tablets. With the multi-device and platform flexibility offered by video conferencing tools that hit the mark, there are less chances of anyone on your team to miss that Monday meeting or Friday ‘huddle.’ 

Better team dynamics

You want everybody to be there in the meeting. However, that isn’t always possible. Sometimes, you have someone who’s sick at home. And then there’s your work-from-home employee, along with another employee who’s still in transit, who won’t be able to reach the office in time for that meeting. So you opt to go ahead with the meeting, regardless of whether these people are present or not. If that meeting happens to involve new management regulations or anything that affects the job security of your team, that might not be a good call. One way to bridge the gap, then, to make sure everybody gets the message—especially in urgent situations—is to use video conferencing to make sure everybody is included in the conversation. You could all follow up on that conversation in person. But if you need a way to reach everybody, all at once, a video conference makes that happen quickly and easily. 

Better documentations in place

Often, when you distribute materials during a meeting, one or two members of your team inevitably loses track of those materials. Whether they’ve been lost or consigned to oblivion, you’re not sure. The good thing about video calling technology, though, is that you can all share the materials during the meeting, using screen sharing features. Afterwards, you simply send the material through email and you know everybody on the team has the material. So no one would be coming to you in a few days and asking for another copy. 


Video conferencing has made working with remote teams easier and convenient. Now, you can  from anywhere. Also, if you’re looking to land a particular client or investor who simply hasn’t got the time to spare, chatting up with that client or investor through a video conference might even help you turn that deal around or at the very least, get your foot in the door for a chance to close the deal or make a sale. 

Wide reach

With virtual meetings, you can hold presentations and lectures for all your staff, whether they’re located locally, but in far flung states, or globally, across both sides of the Atlantic. That way, the meetings benefit everyone on the team. If differing time zones get in the way of that, though, you could always record those lectures and send them to your offsite team ashire talent work references or additional learning materials. 

Promotes productivity

If you have remote teams or employees working offsite, video conferencing is one way to keep you connected to your team. You can talk to them while you track their progress, check their accomplishment reports and generally keep an eagle eye on their KPIs. Unlike text-based communications, video keeps the ‘human touch’ element alive so your team gets to benefit from that connection. No matter the distance, video provides your staff with the next best thing: if they can’t see you in person, they can still talk to you through video. Interactions like that often keep team morale and productivity high. 

Space efficient

Video conferencing has made it possible for you to hire remote employees. While that’s the major advantage, the handy side benefit you get is that you save on office space. So if you want to hire more staff locally or just want to rearrange the office to make way for larger cubicles and desk spaces for your existing staff, you can. By hiring remote, you get to save up on space and still enjoy high productivity from your staff. It’s a win-win for you.

In the end, all these reasons only point out the obvious: that video conferencing is perfect for many businesses, especially for small organizations and startups. So if you haven’t given it a shot yet, you should. Won’t be long until it strikes you as one of the best tools for business out there.





8 responses to “Keeping Video Conferencing in Business – Here’s The Catch!”

  1. rahul Avatar

    I have had video conference and it is something great. In video conference we get collective ideas. The best part in video conferencing is that there is a better and friendly environment between the client and us.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yeah Rahul,

      You’re absolutely right! Video conferencing enables you to make the right decision on time at the same time reduce overhead cost of physical meetings. I have had so many video conferencing sessions and I can frankly tell you that they were all interesting to be in.

      You gain a lot and you share a lot with those who care to learn from your little and small idea.

      I’m grateful to see you around. 🙂

  2. Hamilton copy copy Avatar
    Hamilton copy copy

    well concept and obviously effective for business growth.thanks

  3. Adam Avatar

    video conferee is the very important to develop the business. This site is fully about cubic.

  4. Jason Dill Avatar
    Jason Dill

    Yeah, video conferencing is a great communication tool and desktop video conferencing servers from R-HUB; allows one to set up meetings with potential and existing clients and partners quickly; at any time.

  5. Tom Avatar

    Thank you for sharing great tools, always a pleasure to read your posts.

  6. Bipul Roy Avatar
    Bipul Roy

    I have had film conference and it is something excellent. In film conference we get mixed ideas.
    You’re definitely right!
    video conference conferences allows you to create the right choice easily simultaneously decrease cost cost of actual conferences. I have had so many
    video Guideconferencing classes and I can seriously tell you that they were all exciting to be in.

  7. Alex Avatar

    You’re definitely right!
    video conference conferences allows you to create the right choice easily simultaneously decrease cost cost of actual conferences. I have had so many video Guide conferencing classes and I can seriously tell you that they were all exciting to be in.

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