Saavn streaming site to Launch a Premium-Based Service Soon
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Saavn streaming site to Launch a Premium-Based Service Soon

Saavn streaming service

The way Internet has grown in the past some time, is just awesome. Everything is getting online. The introduction of cloud technology has resulted a great revolution and everybody prefers to use Cloud service, to get their task done, whether it’s about storing the data or anything else.


If the online video streaming websites like YouTube has enabled people to view the videos online without the need of going through the download processes then there are many online music streaming websites, which allow the users to listen to their favorite songs online. While talking about the online music sites, we can’t forget to mention the ‘’,

This online music website brings the legitimate music to users. Being a music lover, you might have used this website. As you know, Saavn is free to use music streaming website, but not it’s planning to launch a subscription-based service soon.

Yeah, you heard it right, soon the subscription-based service by Saavn, will be available. When? Paramdeep Singh, Managing Director and co-founder of Saavn, stated that the service will be started within 6 to 8 weeks.

Saavn streaming service

As of now, Saavn does not have any such paid subscription service and the revenue comes from the ads only. As of now, you can see the ads on the right side of website and also ads get popped up during the song play. This is the only source of income for Saavn. But as the paid subscription will get launched, this will be another source to make money and the users, who will opt for the paid subscription, will get an ad-free experience of Saavn.

In addition with providing an ad-free website to the paid users, many other features will be provided so as to give several reasons to a user, to opt for the paid-subscription, rather than using the free version of Saavn. One such feature from the list will be ability of paid users, to play the ‘already buffered’ songs. This is going to be an amazing feature for those, who have got a poor Internet connection with them.

On this, Paramdeep Singh said that “In India there are still places where the data connectivity isn’t great. Hence, there is a demand for such a feature.”. It may also happen that the paid users will be able to play the ‘already buffered’ songs in the offline mode.

Talking about the online music industry, it’s not hidden from everyone that music piracy, in India, is at its best. Taking about the popularity and traffic stats of Saavn, Mr. Singh said that the average visit time by the users is 45 minutes, which is just awesome. He also said that the website has got lots of regular users and an active user returns to the website, 12 times a month. Moreover, 15 percent of total global traffic of Saavn, use website on daily basis.

To attract more and more users, Saavn is making good efforts and has partnered with many music brands. Under these efforts only, ‘Party on my mind’ track from Race 2, was made available on the website and this is getting good hits from users as well.

While the Saavn has a big name in providing bollywood music, it just launched ‘Saavn English’ with around quarter of a million English songs.

This new subscription-based service will be available soon and it will be interesting to see that whether it brings the positive or negative results for Saavn. What do you think about it? Do let us know about your views, via the comment section below.

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