4 Reasons to Execute Marketing Automation for Your Online Store!

Marketing automation is a kind of software which allows companies to focus on the customers by sending some automated messages such as an email message, lead generation message, promo code offer and so on. For generating a lead, most of the brands use marketing automation tool.

List of features which marketing automation provides:

Basically, automation is helpful to build a customer relationship. Instead of this, it provides so many features. 

Let’s have a look at these points:

  • It renders an account-based marketing.
  • Provides analyzing customer relationship management.
  • It provides inbound and leads generative marketing.
  • Focus on the return of investment policy.
  • Enhance social marketing strategies.

Reasons to implement Marketing Automation?

How to Execute Marketing Automation for Your Online Store
Marketing automation allows companies send automated lead generation message, special product promotions, coupon code offer and others aimed at keeping the customers/followers informed, and to inspire an action from them. And good thing there is, it is on auto-PILOT!

1. “ Send email” to remind the customer of your online store:

There might be a possibility when a customer visits any shopping site then he leaves his mail but he does not buy anything or decides to buy later. Therefore, it is the responsibility of your store to remind him about new products and offers and give him the best reason to visit again.

If you use marketing automation tool then by using “triggers” you can do this. Then certain clients get a comeback email 25 days or before after the shopping or visiting the site. Try to show the real advantage of making a buy in your online store. There are thousands of sites which are trying to grab the attention of your customer. Make sure, you have to be the first.

2. Use unused cart emails in your marketing automation:  

To increase the revenue growth of your online store, you do not have to lose the connection with the customer after he unused his cart. So, the right thing is that you need to remind them about your store. You have to send an email and you can add some discount on that email. By using automation technique, it would be easy for you to send the email by adding some relevant content.

 3. Focus on collecting information about customers:

You will have to connect with more customers through content email marketing automation tool so that, you would be able to know the current interest of customers. Each and every time, you need to find something new about the customers. If you do this, it will increase the customer engagement and loyalty.

4. Send a welcome letter for every new customer:

Once a customer subscribes to your newsfeed or places an order for the first time then you need to show some gratitude, it is important to send a welcome letter about your brand, your new product, some other promo offer and so on. Your customers will see a good attitude and appreciation from your brand. You do not require sending these letter every time, make a proper letter with unique content.

  • Follow some automation tool to send a welcome letter such as go to the contact submits any form, if you do not see any contact then click on the Add trigger. After that click on the send email” Welcome letter”.

Why do we need to use marketing automation?

Marketing automation tool is beneficial for both B2B and B2C. Both can use automation platforms to make customers aware of their current products. It allows companies to deliver promotion such as flash sales, awareness of a new product, some exciting offers and so on. With the help of automation tool, companies can stop sending emails to their customers at regular intervals for telling about some promotion or new products.

Tools that use in marketing automation:

  • Marketing cloud service tools such as Salesforce Pardot and Oracle Eloqua
  • Marketo
  • Hubspot is a leading automation tool which has its own CRM backbone.

Here, is the Conclusion:

If you have read all the above points then you would be able to know about marketing automation. It is the leading apathetic marketing tool for your online store which has a lot of advantages.

If you use only automation marketing tool then it is not enough, you will have to plan some strategies to implement it with strong content. After that, there is higher chance to increase the number of customers.

Many responsive Magento websites are using marketing automation tool to increase the sale of their business.






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    Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) among many i have used Benchmarkemail marketing automation.

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