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8 Secret Skype Features That Would Blow Your Mind

Skype is an essential tool for any computer user. It saves a lot of your money on international calls and text messaging. Unlike the Facetime which is popular just among iOS and Mac users, Skype can be used on any smartphone (iPad, iPhone and others) or PC. Moreover, it offers plenty of essential calling and IM features.

If you also like spending much of your time chatting on Skype, then you will surely like to know much more about its possibilities. Here are some of the coolest, hidden, and secret Skype features that you may not be familiar with.

Eight Secret Skype Features You Should Know About

How to effectively use skype with skype app tricks

Change Text Size and Font

The font on Skype is 8pt Tahoma by default. If you feel that is very small you can change it. Simply go to Tools > Options > IM & SMS > IM appearance. Then click on the Change Font button and modify it according to your need. This one of the coolest skype features I’ve ever seen lately.

Share Screens with your friends and colleagues

Now you no longer require to screen capture a video in order to share it with colleagues and friends. The Share Screens option will allow you to show images without sending them, explain how to use a program, and even display a presentation.

All you have to do is to click on the “+” and Share Screens buttons simultaneously when you are engaged on a video call. You can get this feature for free just for calls between two individuals.

Rename Contacts

Your Contact list may have many similar names. You can rename the contacts in a way you know them. For example, Sophia (Nursing Assistant) or Jimmy (Travel Advisor). You can do this by simply clicking on the name of the person and selecting Rename.

Share Contacts

It is not necessary for you to type every Skype ID when you are sharing contacts with new friends in Skype. You can simply drag a group or a person from the Contacts list and drop it in the chat window.

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Clear History

Skype maintains chat history on your PC for your comfort. But you can delete it if you want some privacy. By default, this feature is disabled and hidden within Skype. To do this you need to go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Privacy Settings > Clear History. You can also set the Skype for auto deletion of the history within certain time period.

Quickly Edit the Last Message While Typing

If you happen to find that there is a typing mistake in your last message after hitting on the Enter button, you can click on the Up arrow and the edit box with appear with the message. You can edit the message and resend it by clicking the Send button.

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Hide All Notifications

If you don’t want to be notified with the constant popups that someone is offline or online, then you can have them switch off.  Go to Tools > Options > Notifications. You can choose the important ones or disable the unneeded ones.

Leave Conversation

Most of the Skype users tend to have plenty of active conversations – some of them may be important, while others can be annoying. Don’t worry you can leave the conversation by simply clicking the right mouse button and choosing Leave conversation.

If you have any other secret Skype features that you’ve been using that’s worth sharing, kindly add them in the comment section below.

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