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Setting up an Account for Yahoo Mail iOS 8

Marking the eighth major release to the operating system developed by Apple Inc., the iOS 8 is Apple’s biggest iOS release till date, as claimed by the owners. The iOS 8 operating system is supported by iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, all manufactured by Apple Inc. With a bold revamped interface, the iOS delivers excellent performance supporting millions of apps for varied uses. The iOS 8 supports major e-mail accounts by default to ensure complete functionality of the device for both and personal and professional use.

Setting up an account for yahoo mail iOS 8

iOS8 yahoomail

While setting up mail accounts seem quite easy, it is not completely true. Setting up a yahoo mail account on iOS devices is a tedious job and most of the users find it quite difficult to sync their Yahoo mail account on their iPad or iPhone. One of the most common issues involving the account set up is that the devices fail to sync the contacts due to lack of proper connectivity with the mail server. But then nothing is impossible and a few tricks can sync your account with your iOS 8 device and make it work as a charm. Make sure you have a working yahoo mail ID and remember your password properly. It is also of utmost importance to ensure that you are connected to your internet properly before you start with the syncing process because if your internet connection fails in the middle of the setting up process, the syncing will be terminated and you have to start again to set up yahoo mail iOS 8. So make sure that your device is connected to the internet.

Let’s get started: Configuring Yahoo mail iOS 8 the easy way

First of all go to your IOS 8 device’s menu. Then navigate to the Settings panel of your iOS 8 device. Once you are in the Settings menu, head over to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars menu item. Once you are inside that menu, you will be able to see all your existing synced accounts on your iOS 8 device (if you have any already). Now look under all your previously synced account and you will find an option stating “Add Account” (refer to the picture below) which lets you can add a new email account to your iPhone or iPad. Tap on the Add Account option to enable a new options panel having all major email services listed by default where you will be able to see Yahoo mail being enlisted to enable you with the Yahoo account sync up process.

mail, contact, calender
mail, contact, calender

Tap on the “YAHOO!” menu item and a new panel will open which will now ask for your credentials. Quickly fill in all the credentials needed for the verification process and make sure you enter something recognizable in the Name and Description section. Once you are done, tap on the Next option found in the top right corner of your iOS device’s screen to take you further towards customizing and syncing your account. Here you will see that the “Contacts” syncing option is turned off by default. Make sure you turn it on to sync your Yahoo mail contacts to your iOS 8 device. If you skip this step you will not be able to sync your contacts to your IOS device later on. As you turn the “Contacts” option on, you will be prompted with a new dialogue asking your opinion on whether you will like to retain all your previous contacts saved on your device or whether you want them to be deleted. Once you choose a suitable option from the dialogue as per your needs, tap on the Next button and your yahoo mail account will be added with proper contact synchronization.

yahoo maiil settings

A few tricks to prevent common errors in configuring Yahoo mail iOS 8

  • Ensure that the “Mail” option is turned on after setting up the Yahoo account. It is a common error done by users often due to lack of knowledge about the procedure. To ensure proper syncing of your mails, turn the option on.
  • It is advisable to use Wi-Fi for network during the syncing process if you do not have a high speed carrier internet connection. Unless it is maintained throughout the setup process, you might come across error messages showing server connectivity problems or sometimes failing to verify your credentials, thus stating them as incorrect.
  • If you fail to set up your account for a successive number of times, choose the “Other” option instead of choosing “Yahoo!” from the “Add account” menu. In this way you can set up your account by including details such as hostnames for both incoming and outgoing servers of your account. After filling out your valid credentials, choose the IMAP option and write the following hostnames for the incoming and outgoing servers. Your email id shall be used as the username for both.
imap.mail.yahoo.com for incoming mail server
smtp.mail.yahoo.com for outgoing mail server
  • Make sure all essential mail components like “Contacts”, “Calendars”, “Reminders”, etc. are properly turned on for synchronization before completing the setting up process. Failure to do the same shall result in the above components not showing up on your iOS 8 device.

For more advanced tricks and for iOS, you can click here to read from my blog.

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