Bug in Snapchat and Poke lets users save videos

Snapchat and Poke Bug Paved Ways for Users!

Social networking giant Facebook launched its new chat Poke that allows you to send self-destructive messages, the messages which get deleted automatically after a small fixed time span.

The company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is said to be the voice behind the ‘Poke’ app. If you are a die-hard fan of instant messaging, then you might already know that to which app does this new ‘Poke’ app by Facebook resemble with! Yeah. Snapchat! As the concept is same as that of Snapchat, both of these apps are shining in the news over web world.

Snapchat and Poke are supposed to give full control to users over the stuffs like ‘who sees their messages’, ‘who sees their video or photo’, and ‘for how long’. These are features that both apps Snapchat and Poke claim. But is this so indeed?

Both Snapchat and Poke offer self-destructive messaging service via which, your messages get deleted automatically after a set time. But the bug is found in both of these alike apps. This bug has been discovered by Buzzfeed, the bug that allows you to save videos before these are sent.

facebook-pokeBug in Snapchat

Buzzfeed reported on Thursday that both Snapchat and Poke store copies of videos that users share.  The copies of shared videos are easily accessible with a free iPhone file browser. Buzzfeed even explained the process of doing so.

Explaining it, Buzzfeed wrote that the Snapchat users, just plug an iPhone into a PC and then open a file browser like iFunBox. After doing so, just navigate to the Snapchat folder within the User Applications menu and open “tmp” folder.

The process is same in case of Facebook’s Poke, but this particular app’s users will have to find nested folder “library/caches/fbstore/mediacard”.

Well, once you are in the right described folder for your app (either Snapchat or Facebook), you can simply copy the files to PC and enjoy watching them whenever you want.

Most of the Snapchat users are not likely to take advantage of this hack revealed by Buzzfeed; especially, the ones who favor ‘sexting’ videos by Snapchat, would not be enjoying this hack. As the Buzzfeed has made the hack public by explaining in a post, analysts are expecting the developers of Snapchat and Poke will be fixing this bug in anytime soon. But Buzzfeed does not believe so and according to the site, this bug will linger in both Snapchat and Poke.

Buzzfeed pointed out in its post that Snapchat videos remain in the folder even after Recipients view them. However, Poke videos appear to be deleted after they are viewed.

Buzzfeed even tried to locate photos in any of the app’s folders, but failed.

Facebook’s spokesman stated that though Pokes get deleted after they are read, but people can save them. For example, one could take a screenshot of photo, one could even take a photo of photo or a video of video. So the people should think before sending any photo or video.

Nothing has come from the side of Snapchat on this loophone, being discovered by Buzzfeed.

Facebook’s Poke made its way to iTunes a few days back, and shines among the most downloaded apps in short time span. Snapchat is available for both Android and iOS devices.  Both Snapchat and Poke are available for free download in iTunes.






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