Steps to Backup All Your Online Profile Details at Once


Barely few days ago, I wrote an article on how to back up your Facebook account details and how to back up your google account profile details but later on as I was researching through the internet, I came across a service that can enable me to backup all my online profiles in one place, be it facebook, yahoo, or anything else except the new google plus service which has developed its own backup systems for. The service is not yet integrated google plus service. Maybe why the company hasn’t done that is because google is very much busy this time in making sure that its new product google plus is successful.

Backupify is a real-time online backup database which is very much secure and it is useful for backing up files and folders in your online profiles pages and wall. Register on the website page and fill in all the requred space and submit your application. You need to also follow the simple process of integrating your account with facebook, twitter and gmail and soon it will start backing up your information. You can choose any plan that you want, it has free version which you can only be allowed to use three online profiles, also, you can go for a bigger and better package but those packages requires few bucks from you.

The Backupify service the service I’m talking about, it work just the same way like the DropBox service, though Dropbox on its own has more features that make it more preferable, you can use Dropbox service to back up anything online like your computer file, online videos and audio. Recently I discovered that I can use my Dropbox account to back up WordPress blog and data. This sounds cool.The service is secured and safe to use as its server are located on HTTPS and not HTTP that can be hacked at any time.

The only downside of this service as I said earlier is that it doesn’t support google plus at this time but if you want to backup your google+ data, you can use this tutorial to do that.

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  1. Hey cool article for backing up Gmail..!!!

    To Backup Gmail account we have one more solution that is Beyond Inbox.

    Exploring this idea as being its development team member. Its a software to backup, archive, organize, transfer and restore your email for Gmail, IMAP & Google Apps.

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