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  • Apple’s New Siri To Drop In October. What Can We Expect?

    The intelligent personal assistant application called Siri quickly gained recognition in the United States. The app has many useful features; users can communicate with Siri in the traditional, written way, and also verbally/orally. They can ask her questions, and get valuable answers and information. Siri also makes recommendations, finds the closest clubs, pizza places etc. […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. iPhone 4S: 6 Reasons to Buy S2

    Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. iPhone 4S Compared with 6 Reasons to Buy S2 For many months the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been known as the best smartphone in the market. Then the Apple iPhone 4S was released and people started comparing them to find out if Apple’s device was able to compete one of the […]

  • iPhone to help AT&T grab record smartphone sales this quarter

    AT&T, the mobile phone and service provider for most of the phones that are making waves in the market has been reported, seeing a brighter future in larger sales of its products in some up coming happy holidays, a thanks to a new record expected for the smartphone sales. The carrier predicts it that its […]

  • Apple iPhone 4S Remains Scarce in Market

    Exactly six weeks after Apple releases the iPhone 4S, the three largest United States wireless carriers were reported struggling to keep up with the demand for product, The Wall Street Journal reports. Launched for people in the United States of America and some other six countries on October 14 to begin order but it is a surprise […]

  • Top Amazing Ways to Save iPhone 4S’ Battery from Draining

    IPhone 4s is a superb and attractive gadget to have, this is undisputable. It broke record sales by raking in millions of dollars on first release – and everybody wants to buy the device. Apple inc. has been able to capture the mind of tech enthusiasts by implementing programs like Siri in the astonishingly great […]

  • Tab Top PC Price in India and Specification – Full Details

    The world is advancing from computers to laptops and laptops from tablets,but now the time is for the world’s first tab top pc the all in one. Laptops and tablets are now a history. Milagrow tab top PC, World’s first Tab Top PC specification, features and price in India is given here. The new android tablet […]

  • U.S. Cellular rejected Apple and the iPhone 4S offer

    According to the third quarter earnings audited report that was released this week, U.S. Cellular CEO Mary Dillon told investors of the company that the company turned down Apple Inc. when approached in regards to providing models of the iPhone devices to U.S. Cellular customers. Dillon said that the U.S. Cellular’s network was definitely capable of handling and providing the expanded traffic […]

  • Apple iPhone 4S India Launch on November 24

    iPhone 4S India Launch on Nov 24 The version of the iPhone 4S which was recently released by Apple early this month has now been made available for Indian people. The official version released on October 4 is made available for everyone in the world but this one is for Indians only. According to the […]

  • Here’s the Legendary iPhone 4S Siri Commercial

    The first iPhone 4s Siri commercial is out and here is the video of the ad showcasing the amazing features of the tablet. It is legendary! Once upon a time, there was a commercial that changed the world and broke the boundaries between man and machine. It was the iPhone 4S Siri commercial, and it […]

  • What’s new with the iPhone 4S?

    After a number of changes, Apple finally launched its outstanding “Apple iPhone 4S.” No doubt, iPhone users were having many expectations from the coming version of iPhone, but still, iPhone 4s is proved to be the best ever! The iPhone is reloaded with more power, more fun and more control with its user-friendly features. The […]