Editing Secrets of Famous Youtubers Finally Revealed

How do YouTubers edit videos? What editing software do YouTubers use? How do they edit videos to create those stunning and professional graphics that got us fascinated by the device screen? Read on to discover everything you need to know about editing videos for YouTube. One of the best ways to grow your brand awareness […]

How to Troubleshoot YouTube Videos Are Not Playing Issue

If you have smartphone or computer that is not playing youtube videos, we have covered in this article step by step guide to fix the issue. Sometimes, when you open YouTube to play and watch videos, you may face different kinds of issues like YouTube black screen, Not Playing Youtube video, YouTube won’t play, YouTube […]

Google redesigns YouTube Interface

Yesterday around 9.15pm GMT, I got a mail in my box titled “YouTube gets a new look”. The message centered on Google wanting his users to know that some changes has been made at YouTube. Quickly, I took a look at the website and I saw, the changes, it was awesome and wonderful, although, anything […]

How to Change Youtube Channel Design

Do you want the to change your youtube channel page to the brand new YouTube Design? Follow the simple steps below. If you want the new YouTube layout before it’s rolled out officially you just have to follow this 4 simple steps: 1. Go to https://www.youtube.com 2. Press Ctrl + Shift and J in Chrome […]

The Preview the New YouTube Channel Design

Google, in its bid to make things easier for all youtube channel owner, has provided another addition to its Youtube service by giving them access to customize their channels with their own brand. The new YouTube design was designed for users for the sake of one thing, the Cosmic Panda experiment. According to what Google said […]

Microsoft Seals TV on demand Deals for Xbox 360

Microsoft in its bid to make people started thinking that XBox 360 is a part of our day to day activities, has sealed a deal with 40 contents producing partners in the UK which, mostly UK’s big names in the industries. Microsoft Seals TV for Xbox360 The Xbox Live in Microsoft’s effort to make it […]

Youtube – How the New Interface Looks

The new Youtube interface makes it more easier to use than how it was looking earlier before. The new interface allows user to do just anything they like far more than the previous outlook. Below are some of the changes that have taken place on the youtube new outlook and that alone adds more to […]

How To Remove Youtube Logo From Videos

Youtube is going by far better everyday. As the largest and most trusted video and music sharing websoite that ever existed on this planet. Youtube has now given video owner more power over their content. Before, whenever you upload vuideo to youtube, viewers of the video will be sseing the youtube lkog on it but […]