3 Helpful Alternatives to Apple Maps You Can’t Afford Not To Use

Apple Maps Alternatives - 3 Helpful Alternatives That Are Talk of The Town in GPS Navigation

If you’re an iPhone user, it’s likely that you routinely use Apple Maps as a navigation tool. For many people, however, new updates to Apple Maps have made the app less user friendly, leaving many searching for helpful Apple Maps alternatives. Whether you’re taking a road trip to ThriveMD for a procedure or just need […]

Apple’s new iPhone 12 is the Smartest Smartphone Worldwide

Apple’s new iPhone 12 is the first-ever headset to be powered by an advanced 5nm chip making it the smartest smartphone in the world. Nothing compares to it at the moment. Apple recently unveiled their new iPhone 12 range of models, and if you haven’t heard already, they are quite a big deal as they […]

How to Take Better iPhone Food Photography – 10 Professional steps to follow

iPhone food photography lets you snap and share high-quality photos to your online community. You want to share how satisfied your tummy got whether you’re at your favorite restaurant or you just had the courage to finally try and cook that dish you’ve been dying to copy. Besides, you do not need to bring that […]

iCloud Account Is Hacked: I Am Not A Celebrity, Should I Worry?

With celebrity iCloud accounts being hacked, are you also feeling insecure and afraid that private data might leak out into the world? Trust and security are a common concern in today’s world. Even as technology continues to improve and bring us greater conveniences than ever before, we see reports of hacking and data leakage on […]

Understanding Why iPhone Xs Needs A Magnetic Case

Rapid acceleration to enhance consumer adoption with a consequent increase in category innovation is the driving for smartphones supporting Qi wireless charging. With a range of exceptional features such as facial recognition, OLED display, and increased performance, the iPhone Xs is a smartphone of the future. Apart from being a phone, Apple’s flagship smartphone is […]

iPhone Breaks Easily? – How Did You Break Your Smartphone?

The clamshell design of cellphones in days past were much more protective than today’s smartphone designs with their large, flat screens and thin frames. In spite of protective cases, smartphones still break pretty regularly. PC Advisor reports the average iPhone breaks within six weeks after purchase. So, what are some of the most common and […]

Top 10 Best Music Apps for Making Music on iPhone and iPad

Music is a part of everyone’s life and makes all of us feel delight. It gives enjoyment beyond any barriers of language and is universal. That is why loads of gadgets come with options for listening to music and to make the music lover in you satiated. Here are the 10 best music apps for […]

How to Boost your iPhone Battery Life and Enhance Life Span

One of the major problem most Smartphone user faces is quick battery run out and depreciation in battery lifespan. iPhone users often complain of this battery problem and blame Apple for making low capacity batteries. Actually, Apple is not the problem; the company has tried his best making good batteries on those iPhone. The real […]

Apple Senior Vice President rejects cheap iPhone rumors

Recently was a rumor all  over the  net talking about Apple low end cheap iPhone to release before the end of 2013. Senior Vice President of Apple Phil Schiller has spoken about this issue. At the beginning of this week was a report on Wall Street Journal talking about Apple in progress making a cheap iPhone […]

Apple iPhone 6 with iOS 7 begins testing, says Developers

No one really knows if it were going to be called iPhone 5s or iPhone 6, but popular third party developers who makes use of the iOS platform are getting new hardware being tested by Apple with their apps, the signal according to them is a device identified as iPhone 6.1 running iOS 7. When […]