How to Add Value to Your Business with Effective Video Testimonials

We are in an age where content is dominating the digital marketing world. You need to create content that lures the interest of your potential customers without being too contrived. Customer testimonials are considered the most effective content marketing strategy in the digital marketing landscape. It is no surprise that people expect evidence to believe that your product or brand is reliable. But just a text testimonial won’t work out. Video testimonials take the customer testimonials to the next level. It is considered the most effective online content marketing tool.

What is Video Marketing?

When a potential customer is doing research, they need to know why your product or brand is better than others in the market. Customer testimonials influence a buyer’s decision. Nothing sells your business as much as a viewer seeing a customer talk positively about your product or service. Thus, Video testimonial is the audiovisual presentation of real customer testimonials. Video testimonials are said to communicate your messages in an easy to understand and engaging way. With no doubt, videos also have the highest attention-grabbing power when compared to textual testimonials. And if you aren’t sure how to create videos, then an online video editor tool such as VEED.IO is perfect for you. With its great features such as an audio joiner, MP3 to WAV, and more that you can leverage to use.

Why Does Your Business Need One?

In a recent study, it was proved that 8 out of 10 website visitors watch the video advertisement in full. It is also said that 78% of people watch online videos on a weekly basis. Digital marketing experts say that video testimonials are considered more personal and real resulting in creating huge confidence among the potential customer about your product or service. Moreover, video testimonials enhance the authenticity of your brand. Video testimonials help in establishing social proof which in turn increases your conversion rate. Let’s have a look at the reasons why you should use video testimonials and how it can add value to your business.

1. Build Credibility

An important benefit of using video testimonials for your business is that it is great at building credibility. When a potential customer hears positive feedback from their peers and sees a happy face of your existing customer, it increases the trust they have on your brand. This also makes your business look more transparent as you are showcasing a real person and not just a written testimonial.

2. Humanize Your Business

One of the biggest problems faced by online customers is that they feel a lack of human-to-human connection. Unlike an in-store shopping experience where they indulge in personal interaction with the salesperson, the customers just see the pictures of the product online which makes them lose trust. This is where a video testimonial comes to the rescue. Video testimonial creates a face for your business and gives your business a human factor. This helps potential customers achieve something closer to an in-store experience. Showing your potential customers the video of their peers who have benefitted from your product or service gives them reassurance.

3. Creates An Emotional Connection

Emotion plays an important role in a buyer’s decision-making process. Reading a testimonial can convey a message, but nothing beats video when it comes to kindling emotions. A textual testimonial is unemotional and it takes a lot of time to read and understand it. Video testimonials, on the other hand, reach the hearts and minds of the viewers right away. The facial expressions and the changes in tone helps create an emotional connection with the viewers. This helps in luring the customers, get them more engaged, and convince them to purchase your product or service.

4. Increases Exposure

Video testimonials are great at enhancing your online web presence which is the most important factor for driving leads to your business. When compared to textual testimonials, videos are more attraction-grabbing, interesting, and unique. Video testimonials are also easy to share. If you post your videos on YouTube, it can appear in Google searches and increase exposure to your business. So, if you want your content to gain more social attention, a video testimonial is the best option to go with.

5. Longevity

Video testimonials remain on the web for many years. It doesn’t matter whether your subject matter changes or not, your video remains live for as long as the internet continues to exist. This alone is enough reason you must put much thoughts into producing top-notch and over the roof kind of experience for the viewers. Keep reading to learn more on how to add value to your brand by producing video testimonials that lasts a lifetime.

Tips for Creating Better Video Testimonials

How to Add Value to Your Business With Video Testimonials
Customer testimonials are considered the most effective content marketing strategy in the digital marketing landscape. Video testimonials take the customer testimonials to the next level. It is considered the most effective online content marketing tool.

If you want your video testimonial to work the right way, but wondering where to start with, do not fret. We’ve listed some of the best tips and practices to create a perfect video testimonial.

1. Contact the Real, Right Customer

If you want your video testimonial to be more realistic, you need to make real people share their real feedback. You should also be very cautious in choosing the right customer for your video testimonial.

2. Keep It Brief

Ensure that your video is short and sweet, preferably under 3 minutes. This can increase the viewers’ focus and get the point across successfully. There’s nothing more to say in a sales video except you are running a tutorial series. Brush your words and make them as short as possible to discharge the valid points.

3. Forget About the Script

If the customers’ responses are scripted your video will lose the authentic feel which in turn will cost you your customers. Your viewers are humans; get this straight. You have got to tame down the acting and deliver emotional and thought-provoking message that inspires the audience to act.

4. Narrate A Story

If you present your video testimonial in the form of a story, it makes it more interesting and engaging. Tell captivating stories that touch the soul – play yourself into the audience’s fantasy.

5. Choose a Good Background

The final tip is to choose a good background and lighting for your video. If your video is of poor quality, your credibility will suffer. Invest good amount of money into making your sales testimonials video. You might have to sponsor the testifiers’ trip to the preferred location for the filming. Make the experience worthwhile to get the perfect output.


There’s no better way than a video testimonial to build a connection with your potential customers and drive leads to your business –  no wonder it has been proven to be one of the most effective content marketing strategy out there with good records. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a great video testimonial. But once created it serves as one of the most valuable pieces of online content marketing tool for your business.


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