Likely Problems in Windows 10; Data Loss still leading the race!

Installation of Windows 10 operating system in your computer might lead to some problems. Windows 10 came as a fix to the error-prone Windows 8 OS from Microsoft, and it came with lots of surprises (in the aspect of security, though!). From Windows Passport that uses a PIN technology to authenticate the user; to Windows Hello which uses the bio-metric technology to give you access to virtually anything; to Device Guard aimed for zero-day-attacks and protection; to Windows’s Secure Boot, which is professionally designed to prevent persistent malware attacks and rootkits issues that may spring up during the booting process. There are too many to talk about in the new Windows 10 operating system.

Despite all the positive security factors mentioned above, there are lot of issues that Windows 10 is accustomed with when it comes to security. Hence, the need for me to talk about Windows 10 Problems and its solutions. Below are some of the challenges that is associated with Windows 10.

In view; Windows 10 Problems and the likely solutions.

Windows 10 problems - One product family. One Platform. One Store

1. Less storage space

Unlike the previous versions of OS, Windows 10 occupies a large space on your local disk C. As a result, less storage space is left.

2. Privacy

Windows 10 has data sharing defaults, which puts your privacy is at risk. The OS might expose your privacy as a result of the defaults.

3. No downgrade

If you have been operating a relatively current operating system such as Windows 7 or the updated copy of Windows 8.1, it is very easy to take advantage of the free Windows 10 by upgrading. However, a month later after upgrading windows 10 OS, you cannot downgrade to your previous OS.

4. Data loss

Upgrading your system to Windows ten is likely to cause data loss of files, photos, music, and videos. The most vulnerable data files to be lost are those saved on C drive.

5. No system restore

The bad thing with upgrading your system to Windows 10 is the inability to reset the system. The problem occurs especially if your system crashes and has valuable information stored. You cannot restore the system apart from formatting it.

6. Lack of great app

If you decide to ship Windows 10, it comes without the app of playing DVDs on. If you like watching movies, then this is one great disadvantage since it is not possible.

7. Incompatibility with software and hardware

Although Windows 10 is a great operating system, some hardware and software are likely not to be fully compatible with the system. Besides, others may not work at all with the system.

However, data loss problem can be solved easily with data recovery utilities, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of those. As at this minute, it is still one of the best free data recovery software‘s you can depend on.  You can recover deleted, formatted and lost data from your PC. It also offers laptop and memory card recovery which is an addon – you can easily and quickly recover lost data on your memory card by a click.

Lost data and memory card recovery take three simple steps using EaseUS. The process of recovery data involves launching the data recovery software, scanning and retrieving your data. Among the various situations which can use the EaseUS data recovery software for include; virus attack, OS crash, damage to the hard drive, raw partition, partition loss, and when data is deleted or formatted.

Among the many reasons making EaseUS software the preferred data recovery software is the ability to recover 2GB of data free, Supporting free dynamic disk and Linux file, enabling you to specify the file types before you proceed to recover, and to save your previous searching results.

For memory card recovery, insert it in your PC or Laptop; launch the free data recovery software, perform quick and deep scanning to retrieve all files. Select all files you want to recover and press the Recover button. EaseUS does not overwrite and that’s gives it an upper hand above its peers out there.

Windows 10 can be quite problematic if you are not taking every little detail into consideration, you’d be free from experiencing any of the Windows 10 problems outlined above.






3 responses to “Likely Problems in Windows 10; Data Loss still leading the race!”

  1. sumit vasudeva Avatar
    sumit vasudeva

    Yeah totally agree with post i personally facing some problems, hope these tips surely help me to avoid them although i am happy with window 10 performance.

  2. Dass Avatar

    Hi, Olawale
    Nice and informative post indeed, and I’m currently using the Windows 10 operating system. It’s far better than windows 8. Please keep writing because I just love your articles.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Hi Dass, thanks for coming around. Windows 10 is an upgrade to Windows 8 and has lots of features that will make you glue to it…so also, time wasting features 🙂 LOL


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