Top Work Efficiency Apps For Your Smartphone

Whenever you see a fellow employee typing furiously on their smartphone, you probably jump to the conclusion that they’re not being productive. Okay, you’re probably right, but there is a chance that your co-worker is increasing their productivity by using smartphone apps at work. Here are some of the best apps you can download to boost your work efficiency.

Exploring the Top Work Efficiency Apps for your Productivity

Google Slides

No matter how much you wish otherwise, slide presentations aren’t going away. Google understands the frustration that these meeting-stopping PowerPoint displays can cause. If you download this app, you won’t have to wait through an aggravating delay when someone can’t work the machine or the WiFi is sluggish.

You can build your own presentation right from your phone or you can share an existing one with others. Best of all, you don’t need WiFi to send your files. As long as you store them on Google Drive first, you can share them. Google Slides takes the irritation out of PowerPoint meetings, thereby boosting your efficiency as well as that of anyone else stuck in the room.


Interactive collaboration embodies the promised land of the workplace in the Internet era. Asana is an app cleverly designed to reduce the overhead created by overflowing email inboxes. Rather than improve email, it effectively replaces these missives.

The idea is to wean employees off such time burglars by replacing emails with tasks. Through clever functionality, a series of repetitive emails including confusing prior correspondence transforms into an easily tracked series of tasks echoing real-life conversation. These discussions are then integrated into the My Tasks list, a tool of true organizational genius. Plus, it cuts down on the sharing of funny animal videos, because Asana isn’t designed for such trivialities.

Pocket Informant

Work efficiency apps that lets you be productiveAre you currently or do you want to become a productivity power user? If the answer to either question is yes, you have to download this app. It takes the concepts of multiple productivity apps and combines them into a single program that can handle most of your daily needs.

Think about the daily tasks for which you are most likely to use an app. The likely culprits are tasks, notes, and calendar scheduling. Your current user behavior probably involves juggling a single app for each item. Pocket Informant seamlessly integrates all three. This app is especially useful on the new iPhone 6 since the smartphone sports a large 4.7-inch screen and the app provides a sleek easy-to-read design.

All you must do is give the app access to your current calendar, contacts, and reminders. After that, Pocket Informant syncs the relevant data into a series of tabs. From there, you can easily check and add to each item thanks to the brilliant organization of the app. There is no better program for reducing smartphone overhead.

Dial My Calls

Does your job involve a lot of texts of a similar nature? No, you are not accused of being a spamming. A lot of jobs, especially in sales, require the same message to be sent repeatedly. That’s not only a waste of your time but a great way to foster job dissatisfaction. Dial My Calls removes the stress from the process. It automatically sends the same text or phone call message as many times as you need.

Abukai Expenses

One of the worst parts of a job is filing expense reports. It’s a gruesome, monotonous task that you don’t want to do. Fortunately, Abukai Expenses does all the heavy lifting for you. All you must do is take pictures of your receipts. Then, submit them on the app and it will return an itemized expense report. The seamless process means you’ll never dread expense reports again.


Due to the sheer volume of high-profile security breaches, most companies are now forced to require employees to change their passwords every few weeks. Keeping up with which one you’ve chosen can be a nightmare. 1Password offers the cure to this problem. It will store the login and password data for anything you need. Better yet, it also stores credit card data in a securely encrypted wallet. So, you can take your company credit card data with you wherever you go.

Office productivity has never been easier. If you use these suggested work efficiency apps, you’ll feel more efficient and better organized throughout your work day.

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