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Published on February 7th, 2013 | by Olukunle Moses


Samsung whips Apple in Customer loyalty for the first time in Brand Keys consumer loyalty Index Survey

Most of the consumer electronics products competition for customer loyalty now favours Samsung, including even the major rival Apple products; Smartphone and Laptops.

Brand Key Customer loyalty Index

As the Brand key’s 2013 customer loyalty Engagement Index reported today, Samsung and Apple hit a tie on Laptops, but for flat screen TV, Samsung lead, and in the smartphone category, Samsung beat Apple in a big shocker for customer loyalty.

Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys President made it know that, this year has a unique record and this is the first time rival Samsung will be

Brand Key Customer loyalty Index

Brand Key Customer loyalty Index – Smartphone Category

beating Apple on Smartphone in customer loyalty. “When Apple was number one, everyone said, ‘Well sure, it’s Apple.’ But the fact is that Samsung always had a larger share of the marketplace.”

Don’t think the event was just a pile of no meaning junkie survey, the Brand Keys customer loyalty index surveys featured 39,000 people sample, and this number makes it eligible to generalize it to the entire US population with a confidence as high as 95 percent. And wondering how small or big the difference between the two consumer product makers are? Passikof said there is a “significant difference.”

Being number two does not writes you off, but consumers are looking for smart end innovation said Passikof. Apple made the iPad mini because Samsung and other companies came out with their smaller inch tablet.

On the Laptop category, after Samsung and Apple’s tie, Asus came out to be third laptop vendor on the customer loyalty survey, Sony and Toshiba followed with a tie.

LG took the third on the customer loyalty in the smartphone survey following the championship of Samsung and Apple, Nokia and Sony tied up on number four in position. Motorola, HTC, and BlackBerry followed up till the 8th position.

Amazingly, Amazon shocked Apple in the e-reader category, becoming the first with its Kindle tablet followed by Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Apple, Kobo, and Sony followed in this category of the customer loyalty ranking. Although, the questionable idea here is that,

Brand Key Customer loyalty Index

Brand Key Customer loyalty Index – Laptop Category

consumers don’t take the Apple iPad as an e-reader, but as a tablet for general purpose.

Asking Passikof about this, John Koestsier of VentureBeat got this response “When we added this category, iPad were never ticked, but later we began to see it show up in the choice its primary product value is not as an e-reader. But we don’t define what products go in which categories: consumers do.”

When Amazon was going to kill Apple completely, it topped the table on the list of “dedicated tablets.” Samsung and Apple also got a tie as second in this category of the customer loyalty survey. Barnes & Noble followed, Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba tied for the fourth position. This time, Google was recognized, but in the fifth position with Sony.

For real, consumers are a little bit confused on what a tablet and an e-reader is, and a resultant of this was one of the major reasons Apple was not favoured in the ranking. Samsung was able to get a upper hand in this year’s Brand Keys customer loyalty Index because of its innovation, and rapid advertisement which showcases more about a company’s positive reputation.

If you will ask me, I will say price is one of the factors that dropped Apple on the list, making small companies beat it in customer loyalty. People are now seeking alternative product of best quality as well as with good and considerable rate. Apple is losing out to rivals.

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11 Responses to Samsung whips Apple in Customer loyalty for the first time in Brand Keys consumer loyalty Index Survey

  1. Nitin says:

    i love samsung smatphone. Just bought samsung galaxy s3. :)

  2. 2 years back when i bought my first Samsung mobile from then on i never look any other company product. I absolutely love Samsung products and great to hear that there are many other loyal customers of Samsung like me.

    • Olukunle Moses says:

      Samsung is gaining more ground, I think Apple will be forced out of its expensiveness with these occurrences. People are now shifting away to alternatives. Thanks for commenting on this post.

  3. cayman says:

    Nicely written Article. Thought provoking points and useful ideas/suggestions are well explained.

  4. bala says:

    Good stuff..I like samsung

  5. keripik buah says:

    in the future, samsung will be dominant than apple. Samsum still great

  6. Rajesh says:

    Its really nice to see Samsung’s hard work gaining fruits. You have said it right: Samsung is innovative. Thanks for the great news!

  7. adi says:

    samsung beat apple
    that is good news
    but lg are in 3rd position
    i love both of them

  8. Muneeb says:

    Very Nice
    Your Website Is Awesome
    This is NIce Job For U
    Thanks For Sharing

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