7 Awesome Apps that Help Busy Families Connect

Managing your home and family takes so much time that it could be a job of its own. On a daily basis, you need to coordinate everyone’s schedules and still find time to make dinner, run a load of laundry and clean the entire house. With so much going on, it can be easy to miss an appointment, run late for practice or forget about visiting a friend.

Fortunately, as technology is advancing, the number of ingenious apps that can be used on smartphones and tablets in order to help keep track of your family life is rising. From the big events to the little details, these apps can help you manage everybody’s schedule and even share some of your fun moments with the people who are close to you. Consider these different apps and see which one would make the most sense to help manage your family’s time.

Awesome Apps That Bridges The Family’s Gap in Shortest Time

These Awesome Apps Helps Busy Families Connect Easily
There’s an app for virtually anything you could ever think of. Here are awesome apps that bridges the family’s gap in shortest possible time. | CC:- Techndustries LLC


About One

About One allows you to integrate your contact list of your friends and family within a single calendar. This makes it easy to write notes to each other, share videos of special events and exchange different snapshots. You can create memories within the calendar function and then go back and review them any time you wish. With About One, your memories, photos and schedule stays private unless you choose to share the information with your contact list which makes it ranks first in our awesome apps list for bringing disjointed family together.


Another one that makes our awesome apps’ list for this month is Cozi. Cozi is a free app for mobile devices that helps you organize your family’s schedule. The app has features that include a shared calendar with color coding for each person in your home. You can set event reminders, use the family journal and leave yourself notes. Cozi also comes with a grocery list, to-do list and meal planning section that you can use on your mobile device when you are at the store so that you do not forget to buy something. You can even add and save recipes and transfer the ingredients to your shopping list. Cozi is accessible on any computer, smartphone or tablet.


Life 360 is a free app for your smartphone that connects you with your family members and friends. You gain access to a private map and can sent instant messages. There is also an emergency help feature in case your car breaks down or you need medical assistance. Parents can track their teenagers‘ driving speeds and the places they go. With Life 360, you can coordinate the carpool to school in the morning, check in to make sure your teenagers got home after practice and make dinner plans with your partner for date night.

23 Snaps

With 23 Snaps, you can share your snapshots and short video clips of your family’s activities. You add the photos to a timeline, which makes it easy to see how a young child grows and changes over a year. You can also add a gallery and cover art designed by your kids. You can keep your account private or share it with aunts, uncles and grandparents. This app works on desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones. Family members can also be invited to log in through 23 Snap’s website to see your updated gallery. This app is a great alternative to posting photos of your children on social media which can be unsafe. Instead of making your photos publicly available, you share them privately with only the selected people.


SquareHub can be used for connecting with your family or friends and to help you get things done. You set up your own private social network and exchange texts, photos and appointments. SquareHub also allows you to coordinate activities and find out the best time for everybody to get together for dinner or a movie. There are safety features so that you can protect your kids’ privacy, including their location and activity schedule. This app is very easy for beginners to use. You could include older relatives who are new to apps and they would be able to navigate through all of SquareHub’s features easily. SquareHub’s intuitive interface makes it scale through into our awesome apps category and you’d agree with me that you’re getting more than what you bargained for. Isn’t it?


HatchedIt is a hub designed to coordinate all of your family activities. This free online calendar can be shared with anyone, which allows you to keep track of your kids’ activities and your partner’s work schedule. This app has an appointment book function and separate sections for each family member. You can import your contacts list from your smartphone or email app. HatchedIt also allows you to keep up with your favorite blogs. You get to customize your own news feed with the sites of your choice. If you see something that strikes your fancy, you can use the photo sharing and link saving section. From the very first day I downloaded this particular multi-faceted app, it has become my winner! So, I added it to the exclusive awesome apps list for this month.


With ChoreMonster, both you and your kids can keep track of what chores need to be done and who needs to do them. ChoreMonster allows parents to set up a points based system for doing chores. The kids can then go shopping with their points and choose rewards that parents have pre-selected. For example, once a child has earned 25 points, this might be enough for a movie with his or her best friend. Kids are motivated by ChoreMaster because it helps them keep track of their progress toward a desirable reward. Parents like this app because it eliminates the need for constant reminders and negotiations to get things done around the house.

Final Word

These simple apps can help you stay up-to-date with your kids, partner and the rest of your family. With only one app, you can share photos, make a grocery list and send messages to the kids. You can stay connected and productive with just a few taps or clicks. As a whole, these awesome apps for family are still the best till date and has all it takes to get you thinking aloud anytime soon. Trust me.






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  1. Rana Avatar

    Really an awesome way to stay connected to friends and family without much hassle.

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    This awesome post inspired me a lot in my work and also i got the useful idea about 7 Awesome Apps that Help Busy Families Connect.
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Suraj Padmasali Avatar
    Suraj Padmasali

    Thanks Patricia for sharing an awesome list of apps.

    In this fast life, It’s very helpful to stay connected with family and friends. I’m using WhatsApp and Facebook.

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