Cloud Hosting: Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Start-ups and SMEs

Cloud hosting is one of the best inventions in the IT field that has helped global businesses in a great way. Though it has helped various businesses including both big and small sector it is the Start-ups and SME sectors that have been experiencing the maximum benefits. Right from enhancing business productivity to reducing the IT costs and better security management, there are various ways in which cloud computing is helping the small and start-up sector.

Let us talk about some of the major benefits offered by cloud hosting to small businesses and start-ups:

5 Amazing Benefits of Cloud Hosting to SMEs and Start-ups

Top 5 benefits of cloud computing for Start-ups and SMEs

Easy connectivity- anywhere, anytime and on any device

The major benefit of cloud hosting is that it presents an easy way to connect remotely using any net compatible device that you are most comfortable working with – desktop, laptop, ipad or even a Smartphone! All you would need is an uninterrupted internet connection – something that is almost ubiquitously available except in unreached areas of the world. Thus, it allows the remote workers as well as touring executives to connect seamlessly with the organization and work actively on various pending projects as an individual worker or a team member. This easy, anywhere, anytime connection has strengthened the networking capabilities and offered a common virtual platform to both on-site and off-site workers to connect and collaborate on various projects. It facilitates various operations by multiplying productivity.

Facilitated Global collaborations

Apart from keeping the productivity of workers intact regardless of their geographical or time differences the second important benefit of cloud hosting is that it has strengthened the chances of global collaborations on mega projects where the expertise in multiple disciplines is required. Where multiple companies work as a single team. It not only enhances the potential of the companies but also opens more doors of opportunities for them. Digging deeper we will realise that the cloud technology facility has immensely helped the small Start-ups and SME sector by offering them an inexpensive way to connect with other global players and collaborating with them on various projects.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting on SMEs and Startups
Cloud hosting has been one of the breakthrough innovations in the internet technology industry that has massively impacted businesses around the world. Here are the top 5 amazing benefits of cloud hosting for start-ups and SMEs.

Cost-efficient way of global expansion 

One of the major challenges for Start-ups and small businesses is the infrastructure investment required during their global expansion programs. In fact, this is the critical juncture where the capabilities of the businesses are affected due to the limited availability and lack of required infrastructure.

During such instances the SMEs and Start-ups require easy collaborative infrastructure with minimum investment and as-and-when availability assurance. Cloud hosting not only offers them the anytime access and easy resource scalability but also relieves them from the fixed investment on significant costs associated with buying physical infrastructure resources or paying fixed subscription charges irrespective of the usage. The PAYG (or Pay As You Go) facility of cloud computing offers powerful connection facility to the small businesses to connect them with global stakeholders as and when required and pay only for the usage. Thus the expansion mode of Start-ups and SMEs is not challenged by the lack of infrastructure costs and it certainly compresses the gap between the large and small companies.

Relief from high IT costs on infrastructure and management

While IT has played a vital part in enhancing the business competence, capability and opportunities, the advanced usage of technology comes at a very high price tag. If we break down the costs associated with IT capabilities we would notice that a large portion of the same goes to hiring the executives and buying/running hardware/software resources. Cloud hosting allows the businesses to rent their resources for executing various business operations. It not only relieves the businesses from inflating their budget by investing in IT set-up but also saves them from hassles associated with managing and maintaining the same.

Top 5 benefits of cloud computing for Start-ups and SMEs

Better IT security management

With the ever increasing instances of hacking and malware, IT security has become the vital requirement for any business. However, IT security is much more than just installing a good quality anti-malware. There are a number of security loopholes that needs to be patched up and each time you start a new IT operation where the connectivity is required you most possibly open a new loophole. Managing IT security is thus a cumbersome process. However, when you use cloud based hosting, IT security is managed by the well qualified professionals of cloud hosting companies who possess a keen expertise in the IT security field and with the help of the latest technologies. Thus, cloud hosting also helps you in securing your business from hackers and malwares.



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  1. Elisa Smith Avatar
    Elisa Smith

    Great Post

  2. Chris Robinson Avatar
    Chris Robinson

    Hey Olawale, all the five benefits that you have shared are entirely correct. I would like to add one more point here. If small enterprises shift from traditional desktops to cloud-hosted virtual desktops, they can have business continuity even in mishaps or when a technical glitch occurs. Moreover, data is also safe and replicated in multiple data centers.
    Thanks for discussing this important topic, looking forward to reading your other article pieces as well.

  3. Olivia Trott Avatar
    Olivia Trott

    Hello Olawale, I found your blog very informative. I feel startups can significantly grow their business by using cloud computing services. Undoubtedly, cloud hosting tech makes easier for everyone to interact anytime anywhere without any hassle.

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