The Next Generation of Robotic Technologies for Home

From the days of Dexter, the boy genius and Batman with his smart cave and even more recently on movies such as Marvel’s Iron Man towering in his Point Dome House. From the above examples we have visualized how smart homes are a fantasy comes true. In reality, we are not far off neither are we there yet. We have electric gates and doors such as Lockitron, automated lawn mowers and yard sprinklers to mention but a few. However, the next generation of smart homes will blow your mind. It is close to the imagery we see in futuristic series and movies. Let’s see what is in store for us sooner than we think.

Next-GEN Robotic Technologies for Your “Classic Home”

Automatic gate that opens and closes with a sensorAn example of a automatic gating technology in action (sensor)|VCI Online

For starters a bit into the theory of what it all means when we say: Robotics and robots. A robot simply put is an agent that is controlled by a computer program to do a specific task. According to, in Artificial Intelligence, any agent has a specific environment and has pre-fed data about that environment to make it function well in the environment where it’s meant to function. For example, an automated gate ‘knows’ its boundaries and its functions (knows here is quoted to show that true there is some intelligence involved but we need to remember that it is inanimate.) Therefore when triggered by a button or more intelligent ones, by motion detectors, it activates and using actuators opens and later closes the gate.

Automation rules everywhere, even at tesla motor manufacturing factory.Automation is the name of the game everywhere and Tesla manufacturing factor can attest to that. | Tesla

Robotics applies in so many fields particularly it has become instrumental in manufacturing such that plant managers cannot imagine life without them. Coming to homes, Morelli (2015) says “robots that perform many tasks will arrive in our homes. But don’t just doing the laundry or dishes just yet” This norm tells us that beyond having the household washing machines and dishwashers, there is a lot of expectation in the future.

The move of investors towards home comes not as a wonder because private homeowners, read rich folk, can spare a few bucks on a smart house. They can do this far more than factories and the customers stretch them to limit in specialized designing of the robots coupled with different environment as mentioned above.
Among the specific areas homes can be made smarter are entertainment, security and energy. Far beyond that, Myo, the gesture control armband from Thalamic Labs suffices this. According to the demo Stephen Lake, Thalamic Labs CEO and co-founder, shows Myo can control your Apple TV and Home stereo.

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When working with Bluetooth beacons more devices become operated wirelessly. On the CES 2015 featured Matt Rogers of Nest, who are among companies trying to create intelligent rooms that will be our bedrooms and servant quarters pretty soon. Smart beds that can track your child’s sleep pattern and even having an inbuilt alarm that wake you up that’s awesome who wouldn’t want that.

Lockitron smartphone app for doorWith Lockitron on your phone, you can control your door even while you are miles away | TechAtLast

Internet-connected door locks are there, but what is to come is an entire connected home where from your smartphone’s interface you can get notifications of any impending danger from security CCTVs and heat level from the thermostats. As far as home assistants are concerned we foresee a future where the iRobot becomes a general purpose boat; inbuilt vacuum cleaner and wait at the table while you eat. Moreover in the effort of creating smart rooms, devices attached to the lighting of the room and stereo system such that it can sense your attitude/mode and transform the environment to suit you.automatic gate installation and demographic

So back to robotics, all robots being agents respond to stimuli, interpret the stimuli and eventually send a command to actuators to execute the tasks. Linear motion systems are systems acting on a certain path (line) of trajectory. For example sliding doors act in one line of closing and opening. So does closing and opening a sunroof. At first it is ejected from a lock and then slid through by the actuators parallel to the hinge and vice versa in line. These actuators come in different types. They can be mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, piezoelectric and electromechanical (mostly used in robotics).

Automation has taken over almost every aspect of our days, all thanks recent development in robotic technologies. But my question is, would you like to substitute robots to help out with your home chores? Hit me up in the comment section and let’s discuss pertinent issues about robotic technologies and what the future holds for automation industry.






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  1. Firma Contabilitate Avatar
    Firma Contabilitate

    it will be like in terminator movie :)) and skynet it will be google

  2. Allena . Avatar
    Allena .

    Many robotic technologies have discussed in this blog which amazed me. similarly can not wait to see them. it made human life way too easy. Hopefully u will keep updating us with such amazing stuff will love to know about them.

  3. Veronika Dalton Avatar
    Veronika Dalton

    It really is amazing just how technology is changing these days, especially for homeowners. Some neighbors up the street just installed a hydraulic gate to their driveway, to compete with the fancy electric gate across the street. I think it’s hilarious, but amazing all the same, at the things we can install in our homes.

  4. bishal paul Avatar
    bishal paul

    I love this Daniel. God bless you.

  5. Mr. Pilot Avatar
    Mr. Pilot

    Man, times are changing at a rapid pace and this is proof that soon this world will be functioned by automation!

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