The next iPhone may include a fingerprint security system

Since most smartphone has become more or less like a personal assistant, you have the biggest reason to optimize your mobile with the best security you can. Most cell phone makers are trying to get you the best on security. Some phone makers will allow you to create a security pass code, In the latest series of the BlackBerry OS, your BlackBerry ID is require  as pass before you can login to your device at every startup, a friend uses the Android Samsung Galaxy Pocket, there you will connect a pattern via dots you created before gaining access. Security on smartphone is becoming a big issue.

You know Apple always tends to come out with the best ahead of others on its technologies, I have a 4 digit pin which I uses in unlocking my iPad, but according to the latest report, Apple may release a biometric scan security system on the next iPhone to prevent stalkers from gaining access to you.

Apple next iPhone

Many blog posts that talks about Apple rumors have posted on their blogs, reporting that, the next iPhone which will be carrying the next generation Apple mobile operating system will have biometric scanners that can read fingerprints. You will be able to register a thumb print on the device, and whenever you want to access your smartphone, you print will be the unlocking code.

For example, this next iPhone offering will be useful as good security measures for mobile payment.

The next iPhone biometric scanner rumor is been out for some months now, but the scream got boosted when one of the iOS 7 beta version got release recently on Monday night. An Apple developer discovered a file that reads “BiometricKitUI” containing a number of values pointing to “fingerprinting.” 9to5Mac has the report on one of its blog iPhone biometric security system

Sebastian Anthony of Extreme Tech said; you will be able to unlock your smartphone by just putting your thumb on the screen home button, no stalker, family or friend will be able to abuse your device, the key pass code is becoming an old school as things get faster with the new method coming to the next iPhone.

You know, it’s always a noise every time Apple is about releasing its next iPhone product, most of the rumors don’t always fall true, but a number of them really turn out accurate. There is no assurance yet that the next iPhone will carry the print scanner, but it will be great if it does.

A Taiwanese media blog that expresses itself in animations also made a cartoon of the fingerprint scanner on a future generation iPhone, but speculated that the technology won’t release until 2014, unlike for other blogs talking about the 2013 fall.

Although, observers are yet to know the name of the particular iPhone that will carry a better blazing processor, long lasting battery, pure view camera and a slow motion video features, but some thought it will be called iPhone 5S.

Image: Digitaltrends and 9to5mac


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  1. Anh Battaglini Avatar
    Anh Battaglini

    Hi Olukunle! This is legit stuff over here. It is true. The finger print scanner is, yep, an additional security measure on the new iDevice iPhone 5s. It is concealed in the rim of the home button. Scans layers of the skin. It can store up to 5 finger prints!

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