How to Pass on your Digital Properties to Beneficiaries

Just like you have a lot of real estate and business properties you can transfer to you heir when you age and die, likewise nowadays, the digital environment is full of accumulated treasures that can’t just be overlooked or forgotten.How to inherit digital propeties

We spend increasing amount of money on digital products such as music, TV shows and movies.

An average iTune user blows $48 (£31.47) per year according to an estimate. If you have been an iTune customer since 2001 when it was launched, you would have blew out £440.63

In the past, music lovers could pass on their record collection, this is the digital era, and our rights are far less clear.

A Saga legal service representative Emma Myers said “Many people use the internet to download music, films and TV shows, What you may not know is that you are most times actually not paying to own the content in the real sense, you are paying for a license to use it during your lifetime.

What about digital currencies in PayPal, Bitcoin, Perfect money etc and unfinished businesses online? How can your heir inherit that?

Now, How do you transfer your digital Property to the next generation?


Even though, the Facebook platform is free to use, your friends, circles, followers and group accumulated may be considered a big wealth of treasure.

A new Facebook features “Legacy Contacts” lets one appoint a loved one to manage their account after death.

A friend or loved one can now be appointed to inherit a social media account when their benefactor dies.

The new Facebook feature called “Legacy contacts,” is now available for UK users. it also allows one to request Facebook to delete the digital property when one is dead.


Currently, Apple does not have the features to delete an account, if you share you Apple ID and password with loved ones, they can edit the detail after you are gone.

Click here can manage Apple ID. The names, address and other information could be changed once they login. They could have full access to any media the deceased had downloaded in the account. Include personal information of intended beneficiary to avoid problems

Apple customer service can also be reached on 0844 209 0611 or 0800 107 6285.

Nectar Point

To inherit points left by the deceased on a Nectar eShopping card, the legal beneficiary will call 0344 811 0811 providing the deceased name and date of birth.

If the balance is more than 40, 000 points, written confirmation from the executor will be needed and posted to: Freepost RRXL-TGET-CGZX, Nectar, Clipper Boulevard, Dartford, DA2 6QB.


To claim funds left by the decease on Betfair, the beneficiary or next of kin will have to send a copy of death certificate of the decease to alongside the deceased name and other information.


The PaddyPower policy also requires the beneficiary to provide the deceased death certificate and other information sent to, the outstanding balance of the deceased bet funds will be paid.

William Hill

The gambling site will request a copy of the death certificate and proof that beneficiary is related to their deceased client. Document like birth or marriage certificate may be needed to convince the company sent to The account will be closed and the remaining balance transferred to beneficiary.

London Oyster card

Oyster Transportation Company of London will request the Oyster card number from and death certificate of deceased from next of kin which could be forwarded to


To inherit PayPal fund; the company will request the following document by fax to 08707303194

  • A written statement that declares the account holder is deceased and the executor wants to close the PayPal account.
  • Deceased PayPal account detail
  • Copy of death certificate of the deceased account holder
  • Copy of deceased account holder’s legal document or Will providing information regarding the executor.
  • Letter stating the intentions of the executor, e.g. closing the account or changing the account holder.
  • Copy of photo ID of executor.

These are the ways to transfer digital properties to beneficiaries.

Got more ways beneficiaries can inherit digital properties online, feel free to share them with us in the comment section.


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