PayPal Extends Service to Nigeria and Other New Markets

PayPal has extends its services to NigeriaCongratulations, this will be a new milestone of achievement in the history of online payment in Nigeria and the other countries of the world as PayPal has finally began to roll out its services into the Nigeria commerce market.

For a while now, online transaction has been a hell in certain countries including Nigeria, especially to bloggers and the whole lot of internet marketers and online service providers.

PayPal in the early 2000s shuts down its service in these countries because of the rising rate of online fraudulent activities. A lot of these activities became the order of the day as information technology began to take its full shape in the country. Many cases of online scam, identity theft and credit card cracking became so popular.

It was as at the same time that the internet opportunities: such as (blogging, online ads, internet marketing, affiliate market etc.) began to take its shape in the nation. Things became tough as the most reliable and widespread online payment processor has denied users from these countries. Making online payments also became very difficult which make many intending local internet entrepreneurs dropped their dreams of owning online real estate businesses for something else.

Most of us who pressed forward switched to alternative services to PayPal although we still experience loads of setbacks because for real, they couldn’t measure up to standard.

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Other method we employed was using our friends, colleagues and business partners over at the UK or US to help us collect and make payment, it wasn’t pleasant enough as this is a third party interference into your business.

About few weeks ago, I got a petition on indulging us to sign so that PayPal can bring their service back to Nigeria. I signed the petition and even promoted it. Some of my friends laughed out their ass on me that this was not going to be possible.

What I have foreseen is that, Nigeria and other countries are fast growing emerging markets for eCommerce business, PayPal had already been missing in this for over some years.

But today, I am pleased to announce that PayPal is finally bringing its service up to about 200 countries including Nigeria.

On the Paypal blog post today, Rupert Keeley, SVP, PayPal EMEA wrote;

“Our mission was to change the way the world thought about and used money”

This week we hit a major milestone on our world journey, beginning from today, we will be extending services to ten new markets, making the total number of countries we serve to 203.

Congratulations to the people of Belarus, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Macedonia, Monaco, Moldova, Montenegro, Nigeria, Paraguay and Zimbabwe.

As technology continues to take its shape, the world is becoming smaller, we can now buy things we want from almost any location in the world and many of these new markets depends on oversea websites to access goods and services they won’t get at home.

There is a major problem, people are not really convenient giving their credit or debit card information to an anonymous store owner who operates from a distant country and for the seller, accepting credit or debit payment from an anonymous buyer from a country they no nothing about.

Now by signing up for a Paypal account, people in these ten new markets will be able to shop online with rest of mind because Paypal ‘will never share users financial information with any merchant’ – at least for now. 😉

And even if something goes wrong maybe service delivered or goods being expected is of bad quality, PayPal Buyer protection is available to protect you.

All the same, this is great news for business in these ten markets, more doors of opportunity is open as they can sell product and services all over the globe through instant and trusted payment provider.

To the Nigerians; bloggers, online marketers and netpreneurs, I say a big congratulations to you guys and to PayPal Inc. or should I say PayPal Nigeria like Olawale? 😉 Anyway, joke apart, I challenge you guys to do more than this.

2014 is now revealing its promise of Overflow!

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