How Small Businesses Are Using SaaS

Small business owners are playing a big role in cloud computing’s growing popularity­. According to a recent KPMG survey, 70% of respondents believed that using the cloud would save them money and make them more efficient. Software as a Service, or simply SaaS, is one of the most common types of cloud computing used by businesses. SaaS and small business

 What is SaaS?

Traditionally, software was purchased as a stand-alone product that needed to be installed on a computer. Companies now prefer the Software as a Service model that works on a subscription basis over the cloud. You can find SaaS versions of many popular types of software.

Why use SaaS?

The main advantages of using cloud software are:

  •  Simple access to software from web browsers, no installation required.
  • Works on computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Lower initial cost since paid on a monthly or yearly basis
  • Free updates. No longer need to buy this year’s version.

How is SaaS Used?

Let say you operate a small business. Here are some examples of different types of SaaS products you could be using:

File Storage and Sharing Software: Google Drive will enable you to create documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows. You can allow more than one person to access a file at a time by sharing it with your colleagues. This way, everyone can modify it simultaneously.

Accounting Software: FreshBooks is an easy-to-use accounting tool. The greatest thing about FreshBooks is that it allows you to create invoices and manage your account receivables in a quick and intuitive fashion. The software also has additional features such as expense tracking and report generation.

Scheduling Software: CalendarSpots is an appointment scheduling software that allows you to easily manage your appointments quickly and efficiently. CalendarSpots also allows you to offer online appointment booking to your customers. Confirmations and reminders are sent automatically to help you reduce no-shows.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM): Salesforce is used for Customer Relationship Management. This software will allow you to create and manage client profiles. These profiles are then used as a reference when making a sale or following-up. You can also track all interactions between yourself and your target.

How to choose the right Saas?

Some software is useful for everyone, while other software might fulfill the needs of a certain niche. What’s important to keep in mind is determining what aspects of your business needs the most improvement. Once that is done, you can decide what type of SaaS you need. When you start comparing different SaaS products, make sure to try them out before purchasing them. Many companies offer 30 day free trials that do not require any credit card information. Simply sign up for the service and see if it’s right for you. If you choose a software and realize that you can do better, you can simply cancel it since you are paying on a subscription basis.

Final Verdict on SaaS

Software as a Service has grown in popularity. Small businesses now benefit from a rich variety of cloud applications. Just make sure that you find out which SaaS products are right for you.


  1. Great article. I find these softwares very useful because I work from home. Basically I am my business. Also as a home worker, I can relate with anything that is “cloud” in nature. Amazing technology indeed.

  2. Yeah! Cloud based systems or softwares are helping alot to manage the business and numerous services related to business. Cloud based software made dealing tasks easier for consumers or clients also.


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