How to Auto-Share Posts on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter Simultaneously

How to Share Google Plus Posts to Facebook, Twitter Simultaneously – Automate Google+, Facebook and Twitter easily. Folks are you ready to do something new this season? Social media marketing is taking another turn and we need to make sure that we change so that we aren’t left behind. Few years ago, Google announced that […]

Twitter Success: 3 Ways to Get More from Your Twitter Account

How to Get More from Twitter Overnight Twitter is the second most popular social network in the world after Facebook. With millions of active users it has a huge traffic potential. However it is a loosely connected network where people usually follow you back as a courtesy even if they don’t know you. More often […]

Twitter Launches Branded Pages for Business Accounts

Twitter in its bid to catch up with its social media rivals such as Facebook and Google+ has introduced branded pages for business accounts on its platform. Twitter announced this on Thursday about its plan to launch a facebook-like style branded pages for twitter accounts. The new launch will now make it easier for people […]

Tips and Tricks to Optimizing Social Media Campaigns

With a large number of B2B marketers using social media, it has become imperative to create the right content marketing strategy. In other words content for social campaigns should have the same efforts as the content created for your website. So how do you start? The same way as you would for a site. Identify […]

Twitter Bought TweetDeck – Not for Normal Users

Twitter is known worldwide as a place for internet users that loves to reach out to those that they love. Apart from people coming to twitter to make friends and to do one or two things together, Twitter is good for business and that’s the reason why many corporate companies engaged much in using twitter to promote their business […]