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Migrating To WordPress: Why Migration to WordPress Provides Business Benefits

Having a website is not a must anymore, but an indispensable condition for every serious business. If your office is your offline business hub, your website is the online center of your work. It has to be a meticulously organized and visually impeccable unit. The great news is that today even absolute beginners in the online world can create their own website. The key that will lead them to that goal is the WordPress platform. It is the most practical content management system for a number of reasons, and here are few reasons to consider before migrating to WordPress CMS.

Migrating to WordPress: Amazing Features That’ll Convince 

Benefits of WordPress Migration for Business

Free and payable options

Probably the most obvious advantage of WordPress is its versatile structure. It offers free website solutions, but on the other hand you can buy additions worth hundreds of dollars. In such a system, every single website seeker can find the tools that will meet their needs. The most natural way to start your WordPress career is to search for the most appropriate free plugins and themes for your website. Hand in hand with handy website options, this platform can help business people launch their own blogs and connect them with the website, as well as with their social media profiles. As your business needs keep growing, you will see what special payable extensions you might need.

WordPress – breed for speed

The saying that time is money has always been more of a rule than a mere phrase for business people. However, since the Internet has fiercely overtaken the business world in the last two decades, today this rule is a principle. Every single minute of a work day needs to be planned to a detail, so that work productivity remains on a high level. Transferred to the online context, minutes are becoming seconds. Since Internet users know that they have millions of websites at their disposal (check this real time website calculator to get an idea of what I’m talking about), they will not spend more than a second or two on any website. So, you have a moment or two to attract them to your website. Thanks to hard work of numerous contributors, WordPress offers a vast array of free speed-enhancing plugins for websites built on this platform.

Mediator-free payments

Today many businesses not only collaborate via the Internet, but they also make online payments. Although there are also reliable and trustworthy mediators that can transfer your money from one part of the world to another, nowadays it is possible to dodge such middlemen. For instance, if your business is part of the event-organizing niche, now you can pay tickets through a WordPress event ticketing system. It provides high-level security for its clients. Moreover, it is connected to hundreds of other payment systems and that way safe from any intrusions and hackers’ attacks.

Stay in touch with innovations

Wordpress CMS for small business

The great thing about WordPress is that its open nature yields dozens of applicable and user-friendly solutions on a daily basis. It can be compared to smartphone application stores, where users are the only critics of the product quality, which is the most liberal system in the business world. So, when you decide to create your website on WordPress, you should always install the latest versions and updates of the tools you are using, so as to ensure that the website security and functionality remain on a high level as long as you use it.

Having WordPress for the base of your online business presence is the best choice for startups and business beginners. As time goes by, your business results will tell you what further online directions you should take in your future business life. And considering all the features and functionalities that WordPress CMS promises to offer you, whether or not to migrate to WordPress is yours to decide. But my fear is, if you are not migrating to WordPress anytime soon, you might be loosing a hell of benefits by staying with your existing Content Management System?

Dan Radak
Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a host of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a co-author on several technology focused websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.

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  1. Really WordPress is the best CMS and web development platform. I truly agree with you. It has got lots of free plugins, features, options and themes. Not to forget its flexible customization and social integration. Migrating to WordPress will always give you a satisfactory result.

  2. Yes. WordPress is one among the best CMS. Its main advantage is availability of plugins. so that the person no need to depend on a programmer to write new code for every features they’d like to implement. It is easy to integrate with your existing website template.

    • Yes Nevin, you are right. WordPress is blessed with great and amazing plugins and templates that simplifies the task of designing a well-meaning and appreciable website for clients and personal use.


  3. Interesting topic. I would say that I used WordPress for my business website but didn’t know much more about its functions and configurations. Indeed Thank you for sharing an amazing article.

  4. WordPress is the best content management system out there on the internet. The myriads of plugin that are being developed on a daily basis makes web designing so easy that you can virtually do everything on a wordpress platform for any kind of business or organization you run. Godaddy hosted wordpress account is even more intriguing because all you need do is to sit back and relax as all the updates are done automatically for you

  5. I’ve been using WordPress for my work for a long time now. The availability of various plugins make work so easy which is not possible with other blogging platforms. Thanks for sharing this post and teaching us the insights of WordPress.

  6. I think WordPress is the best CMS and web development platform. WordPress gives many benefits and it is easier than other platform.


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