13 Best WordPress Database Plugins With Feature-Rich Functionalities

13 Best WordPress Database Plugins With Feature-Rich Functionalities - TechAtLast
Have you been weighed down by the effect of data breach or data loss as a result of not making use of wordpress database plugins? Discover how to protect your database table meta data with these wordpress database plug-ins.

Most of the WordPress websites rely on MySQL DB, which is also the most popular choice in enterprise database management. It’s an open-source database system, which is called relational database. MySQL DBMS is used by the WordPress websites, applications, and plug-ins to store data and retrieve it when needed. You can consider MySQL as a filing cabinet at your office, which stores all crucial files of your business.

As we know, MySQL follows the relational database management concept, which runs at servers allowing a group of users to create and manage databases. MySQL is a key component in the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack, which is an open-source solution for website creation. Majority of the WordPress web applications are built on the LAMP stack.

WordPress hosting providers also have MySQL ready installation packages on the hosting servers, and it is also used in various open-source web applications. PHP is used as the programming language at many WordPress sites to store and retrieve data from MySQL databases. SQL queries are run to retrieve data from the stores and generate a dynamic content display. SQL means Structured Query Language which is also a programming language used in database programming.

Database management using phpMyAdmin

For those who are not so knowledgeable about writing PHP codes and SQL scripts, the WordPress hosting services offer a web application known as phpMyAdmin, which will let the users access their database using this web interface and manage it. Based on the selections you make there, phpMyAdmin will run the SQL queries at the backend.

However, database management is an essential part of business operations nowadays. So, for the users who have little knowledge about the technical aspects of database administration, it is even difficult to handle database through the default phpMyAdmin interface. In such cases, a good database plugin can help them to avoid confusions and better manage databases.

In this article, we are discussing some of the top choices in WordPress plugins for database management. These plug-ins offer many additional features too than basic database administration tasks. These are top rated wordpress database plugins by the users and also have a considerable number of downloads.

WordPress Database Plugins: A Few Top Choices in Feature-Rich WordPress Database Plugins

Best WordPress Database Plugins for Newbies and Experts - TechAtLast
When it comes to determining the best of WordPress database plugins for newbies and experts, you can’t fault yourself for not knowing which to pick from myriads of plugins out there. In this article, we have been able to demystify the process of picking the top WordPress database management plugins out there for you.

1. iThemes Security

iThemes Security was previously known as Better WP Security, which offers many ways to protect your WP site and database. It features a one-click activation of all features and also some advanced features for the pro users. It is one of the best wordpress database plugins you can find out there.

2. WP Clean Up Optimizer

This extensive WordPress database plug-in will help to optimize and clean up the WordPress database. There is no need for the users to access PhpMyAdmin to optimize or clean the database table with WP Clean Up Optimizer installed. You can apply native WordPress MySQL commands for optimization of the DB tables without manual queries.

3. Search and Replace

You can conduct a simple search to find the strings at your database and then replace it. Using Search and Replace plug-in tool, it is possible to search in the IDs, post content, title, GUID, content excerpt, comments, meta-data, authors, comment mail IDs, URLs, and category descriptions, etc. You may find further options of this tool as described here.

4. Edit Any Table

Edit Any Table is a plug-in which can be easily integrated to the dashboard, or you can use the admin page of the plug-in itself to connect to MySQL database. However, you need to ensure that the hosting provider also allows access to use it. It is possible to conduct the search, add, edit, and delete database records through this interface.

5. Contact Form DB

Known as “CFDB” in short, Contact Form DB is a WordPress database plugin which can be used to save contact form submissions. It features an administration page also with short codes for viewing and displaying the needed data. There are distinct administration pages under the menu of Contact form DB.

6. My Optional Modules

MOM or My Optional Modules is a wordpress database plugin which features a wide range of database functions to add more functionality or extend the scope of the existing features in WordPress. You can convert the default galleries of WordPress into horizontal sliders using MOM and also append the links back to the blog, and RSS feeds.

7. WP Backup

As the name suggests, WP Backup is used to back up the entire website as well as the database. All files can be backed up using this tool by setting a schedule. There are also add-on features like getting the backed-up file mailed to you, exclude some files or folders which you don’t want to back up, etc. It’s very simple to use, and there is no need for setup.

8. Formidable Forms

Formidable is an easy option to create WP forms by using this drag-and-drop plug-in. It is possible to construct customized web forms by generating from the given templates. Spam catching and usage of short codes also can run on it.

9. User Meta Manager

It is another handy wordpress database plugin which features a very simple interface to manage the metadata. You can add, delete, or edit metadata by using this tool. It is also possible to manage the metadata for the individual members as well as for the group of members. You can create forms using the short codes that allow the users to update the metadata

10. All in One WP Security & Firewall

As we have heard, WordPress is indeed a highly secured platform. However, this plug-in will help to add additional security and firewall protection to your website and database with the help of a security plugin. It enforces many advanced security practices which will give you an additional layer of protection.

11. User Login Log

The plugin can track the records of WP user logins along with additional information like the IP address, date, time, location, user name, etc. You can use it also to filter out the data by searching for the user name, successful or failed login, month, year, etc.

12. WP Backitup

It’s another backup tool for WordPress website, which makes backing up of data much easier and quicker. Just install the WP BackItUp plug-in, and you can run the backup command in minutes to get a complete backup. There are also no complex configuration requirements for it.

13. Participants Database

This plugin, as the name suggests, aims explicitly at building and maintaining the database of the users. It is custom configurable and allows the site admins to define the information fields as needed. The records can be easily entered at the WordPress admin panel and imported in CSV format.

Conclusion on WordPress Database Plugins

As time changes, these wordpress database plugins also upgrade their baseline functionalities, and there are many new plug-ins also coming up in WordPress database management, which you can explore and choose the best one for your purpose.


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