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Google I/O 2014 featuring Android for Cars, TVs and Watches

Google makes smart moves, launches Smartwatch and other Android wearable products ahead of Apple at the I/O 2014, the company’s biggest conference in the year.

Android smartwatches

Even if you deny Google and avoid her on the internet, she could make her way into your home, your car and even on your wrist soon. In its biggest event of the year, the company announced a handful of new Android products.

The I/O 2014 developers conference in San Francisco showcase Google’s next move into the wearable industry, following the launch of the Google Glass earlier in the year.

Taking it ahead of the launch of the rumored Apple’s iWatch, Google announced the LG’s G watch, Moto 360 model, Samsung Gear Live which is all running on its Android software.

The voice-activated gadgets from Samsung and LG both has square faces and pre-order will start on the Google Play store today, while the Motorola’s round face classic will be coming later this summer.

Other models of the Android wearables to showcase at the I/O 2014 will include pedometers and heart-rate monitors. User will be able to activate a do-not-disturb setting by swiping down on the display. Voice command can also be issued to find out things such as “how many stops before their bus ends the journey”

User will also be able to control music on their Android phones via the smartwatch.

Google’s director of engineering, David Singleton demonstrated the simplicity of the Android smartwatch at the Google I/O 2014 event; he ordered and paid for a pizza using an app within 20 seconds.

The Google smart wearable device arrives months before rival Apple is expected to debut its own version of iWatch later in the year.

Google and other rival companies have been looking up to the wearable as a new industry of opportunity as smartphone and tablet are growing slowly.

Android Drive is another big announcement from Google; the device is designed to automate common functions in cars.

Head of Google automotive, Andrew Brenner said that the software enhances communication; navigation will be voice and contextually controlled. The company claimed that 40 auto makers have already signed up and the software will come into market later in this year.

Another is the Android One, a low-cost Smartphone targeting emerging market. The Android handset will include FM radio, a screen slightly smaller than 5 inches and will go for less than $100.

Google’s Snr. vice president Sundar Pichai said Android users has skyrocket over the last year and the search guru is about to challenge Apple Inc and other big tech conglomerates to extend its business into a rapidly broadening field of Internet device.

Today, we live in a multi screen world, TV, wearing screen things on our body and now in our car said President to his 6000 audience.

“We will like to know where you are, and we want to be voice enabled. The device you are using isn’t what matters here; we should pick up where you left off.”

We now have more than one billion Android users and as we estimate, there are 93 million selfies taken each today, “he proclaimed.

“We are also having amazing growth in Android tablets, Android tablets have taken 62 percent of overall market – and that excludes Kindles.”

Olukunle Moseshttps://www.techatlast.com/olukunle-moses/
Olukunle Moses is currently the editor-in-chief for TechAtLast Media Blogs Network.

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  1. The highlight of the IO would be Android One initiative, this will make Android devices much cheaper in a few months. And guaranteed updates from Google for Android One devices is an added advantage.

  2. I updated my phone to the new operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop. I must say that i have problems after i updated to android 5.0 Lollipop. Can you help me with any advice ? I can’t rely on google for now.


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