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Having thousands of unsorted images can be a headache. Sometimes, you just need to find the right image, at the right time, and you don’t have hours to sift through unlabeled digital photos library.

One of the easiest ways of curing this problem is downloading an app that enables the creation of galleries and portfolios. Some of these apps work with particular programs, others enable uploading to major social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Most of them provide users with the tools to name, date, and comment on photos, as well filter them via tags, which makes the organisation process easy.

Best Known Photo Sharing Apps for you

Here, we take a look at what users have had to say about some photo sharing apps that are currently available for download.

zFolio – excellent photo sharing app for Android, Kindle & Nook

zFolio advertises itself as ‘the best Zenfolio app for Android, the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Nook’. It enables the creation of galleries, the downloading of images and the uploading of them to ZenFolio. The downloading process is efficient and can occur while your phone or tablet is charging. The uploading function can be set to sync automatically with your device.Best application for known photo sharing site

zFolio’s interface is well-designed, making functions easy to access and use. The display enables sideshows in full screen mode, and continuous scrolling of both thumbnails and sets of photos. It is possible to shift photos from gallery to gallery; organize photo albums according to name, dates and tags; delete images; share pictures via Facebook, Twitter and email; and view information regarding both EXIF and uploads and downloads.

Frequent updates mean that the photo sharing app is being improved and expanded all the time. Also, it has been enhanced to suit Android 3.0 tablets that run Honeycomb and, on Android 2.3.3+ devices features enhanced jpeg decoding.

Users’ Feedback

Most users praise the speed with which zFolio enables the uploading and downloading of images. They also find the interface easy-to-use and visual appealing. They are impressed with its capacity to upload photos through major social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which means that sharing with family and friends can be immediate. Some have commented that the enhancements for Android 2.3.3+ and Android 3.0. devices have also been useful in terms of maintaining optimum performance.

A handful of users have made complaints with regard to running the app on their devices. However, this seems to be the exception, rather than the rule, and is therefore likely to be linked to particular situations.


zFolio makes it easy to download and upload photos. It has the capacity for actions involving multiple images, which means that users can upload and/or download while using their device to perform other tasks. Its interface is simple-to-understand and has an appealing appearance. The developer offers constant support and is quick to respond.


Some users have complained of operating problems, but these are highly unusual, and many users have noted that the developer is quick to respond to, and resolve, customers’ issues. Also, the photo app crops thumbnails to a square shape, rather than retaining full-frame, and, thumbnails of wide angle images tend to appear out-of-focus.

Blurb App – lets you express yourself in a professional way!

Samsung Galaxy S4 users can now use their phones to print high quality publications, including books and magazines. This process is enabled by a new app, which is the product of collaboration between Blurb and Samsung.Best application for known photo sharing site

This is the first time that the smartphone has been able to produce publications of a professional standard. The development promises to expand possibilities for the self-publishing world, because it removes the need for a ‘middle man’ between the writer and the final publication.

The app provides a variety of design and layout options, and they can be applied automatically. Users need only add images and/or text, decide on the appearance of their publication, and hit print. The process happens within Story Album, which is found on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung’s Product Strategy Vice-President, Chan-Woo Park, has said that “The Galaxy S4 is furnished with a superb quality camera and unique, powerful features maximizing the usage for photography experiences. We expect that our customers will like to output their beautiful images into beautiful books and magazines. Our partnership with Blurb will provide the top-of-the-class experience for our customers.”

Over the past eight years, Blurb has established itself as one of the globe’s most competitive, popular and creative self-publishing platforms. It provides tools for the design and publication of books, as well as their selling and marketing, and has contributed to the publication of six-and-a-half million titles.

Technical Features

Have you always dreamed of publishing your own photo essay? Have you run some ideas past publishers but been unable to secure a deal? Do you have a stack of photos that would look amazing in a coffee table book?

Here’s your chance to turn your concept into reality. For the first time in history, the Blurb app allows users to print professional quality publications from their smartphone. You either select photos from your gallery or take some via the app, decide on a design and layout, touch the print function, and off you go. The app even works with Photoshop, Hipstamatic and Instagram.

The online version enables the creation of photo essays. You can distribute these among your contacts, through email and/or social networks. You can also display them publicly on the Blurb site.

The free photo sharing app allows for you to work with a selection of seven themes, You can publish up to eight images, an audio clip of 30 second or shorter, and/or a video clip or 10 seconds or shorter. If you spend $US1.99, you can extend this capacity, with an additional eight themes, up to 3 x 30-second video clip and an audio clip of up to two minutes.

Users’ Feedback

Overall, the Blurb app has received positive comments from users. Many have stated that they find it to be extremely stable, and efficient and easy to operate. Many users enjoy utilizing the option of sharing their photos via the Blurb site – the opportunity to be part of an online photography community is appealing. One of the helpful aspects of the Blurb site is that it updates automatically – i.e. if you make a change to the photos in your folio, the photos in your Blurb account will change immediately. There’s no time-consuming changing of URLs needed.

A few users have complained that the text size for captions should be more flexible. As it is so large, it can sometimes interfere with the clear online publication of images.


The Blurb app’s easy-to-use factor is definitely one of its benefits. It makes the creation of photo essays and publication designs a breeze. The fact that it is now possible for an individual to manufacture a professional quality publication from his or her phone is impressive. The world of self-publication is about to enter an exciting new phase.


The Blurb photo creation app enables a publication of professional quality, but it’s still not the same as a comprehensive professional setup. There are fewer options and less scope for flexibility. One example of this is that for online publications, the text size is set, and can prove too large for some images.

Steven is a tech writer for the Verybestsoftware.net and an avid smartphone user who is always on the look for new apps to download and review. He is keen on writing about online services, like photo book sites, online backup and printing services.





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