6 Congent Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App for Long-Term Success

Yes, in case you don’t know, your business needs a mobile app! 

When you are trying to grow your small or startup business, one piece of advice you may hear is to create your own mobile app with immediate effect. This isn’t suitable for everyone though, but in a large majority of cases, it can really help to make your brand stand out from the crowd. As apps are becoming more common part of our daily lives, it might be time to jump onto this one before your competition beats you to it. Here’s why we believe your business needs a mobile app as soon as possible.

Still not convinced? Here’s why you need mobile app for your brand longevity.

Mobile app for business.
How Important Is Mobile App To Small Business Growth? The importance of having a mobile app for your small business growth goes beyond just making sells for today, but, for a long-term relationship and future sales.

1. Make it easy to take for them to take quick decision

If you have a product or service which can be ordered online, then your clients will want to be able to do that as often as possible and with ease. Logging onto a website, then entering their details, then finding the product and finally ordering… it can all take so long! With an app, all they have to do is fire it up, select their choice of product, and order with one click. The easier it is to make a purchase, the more likely it is that they will do it.

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2. Be in front in their mind; it helps build a long-term familiarity and acceptance for the brand

When your logo appears on a screen that someone looks at every day, you will be the first company on their mind when they need your service or product. They will instantly think of ordering from you. They don’t even need to remember your name – they can just hit the app and go! Otherwise, they might turn to a Google search to decide who to go with. Your site might not be at the top of the list, meaning you lose out on sales.

3. Look professional

If your company has an effective mobile app, then instantly your customers will perceive you as a serious and professional outlet. This will make you look professional in their eyes, allowing you to present a better impression right from the start. Actually, this can be the case even if they don’t download the app. It will be working for you even when you don’t realise it!

4. Gather contact details

When customers sign up to use your app, they will have to provide login information, such as an email address. You can then add this email address to your database, which allows you to send more marketing their way – also refer as email marketing. You may also be able to use the app to send notifications – such as when you have a sale on, or if they have not checked into the app for a while. This will allow you to get better results from your marketing campaigns.

5. Create more value

If you have a loyalty program already in place, you can incorporate this into your app – or create a new one ready to launch at the same time. With a loyalty card right on their phone, your customer doesn’t need to carry around anything extra, but now they have a way to earn points on the go. They can order online, or order in stores and then scan a receipt for points. Either way, it’s fun and rewarding for them to get that benefit right on their phone.

6. Build loyalty

When a customer is able to use your app easily and enjoy all of the benefits above, they will also feel more loyalty towards your brand. That’s something that can’t be bought, but has to be worked for over time. It’s very valuable, and could well be the biggest benefit of all that you get from having your app in place.

If this doesn’t convince you that you need a mobile app, nothing will. Start development as soon as possible to reap the rewards!







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