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6 Convincing Reasons You Need Professionals for a Spotless App Localization

Whether you are only building your app for global distribution or just looking for ways to appeal to an international audience post-launch, a spotless app localization can help you achieve those goals. According to Alconost post, 75% of the world’s populations will never be able to use English-only apps due to language barriers, while an objective growth in revenue of 26% has been reported by app developers who chose to localize their services. A similar study done by Upwork indicates that 56.2% of consumers prefer receiving information in their own language, with 42% stating that they never bought or used products and services without the support for their own language.

Whether it’s French, German, Italian or Spanish, localizing your app into these and other languages can be highly beneficial not only for your income as a business but also your subsequent exposure and brand value just to name a few. With that said, let’s dive into several convincing reasons why you should hire a professional and invest in spotless app localization.

Quality Content Precedes App Localization

Before we dive into the localization and its plethora of advantages, it’s worth noting that quality content should always come first. Your app’s UI, FAQ and general quality of life features such as pop-up messages or email notifications should all be written in a professional and cohesive manner.

Providing your professional translator with a well-established content will make the translation much easier, faster and most importantly, more useful to the end-user. That being said, here are several writing platforms that can be utilized for effective content creation in your native language prior to any translation taking place.

  • Evernote – a cloud-based text editing and formatting platform, useful for not only content creation but also rudimentary management and organizational tasks
  • WoWGrade – an outsourcing writing platform designed with the intent to provide you with high-quality content in a plethora of written formats
  • Grammarly – a spellchecking and proofreading service which can be utilized in conjunction with another platform to ensure that your written content is free of grammar errors
  • GrabMyEssay – a dedicated blog, essay and general online content writing platform perfectly suited for creating long-form written materials for your marketing and website needs
  • Hemingway – a legibility and text-flow editing platform suitable for creating content meant for app UI and GUI elements due to its ability to improve the readability of your text

6 Reasons you need a Professional for a Spotless App Localization

6 Reasons You Need Professionals for a Spotless App Localization
Irrespective of your app goals, whether you want to build the next-gen app that appeals to a global audience or you are interested in amassing high level of international awareness towards your brand before the launch, creating a spotless app localization campaign will help you achieve more than you could ever have bargained for. | Credit: Pexels

1. DIY Leads to Mistakes

Whether your native language is Chinese, Greek, Russian or Italian, chances are that you are not familiar with three or more world languages to a sufficient extent. While wanting to minimize localization costs is a logical train of thought, it can lead to numerous mistakes and omissions on your part.

Translating your app’s content in a mechanical way without knowledge of each language’s cultural background, lingo and flow of writing will make it seem artificial and uninviting. This can lead not only to lesser sales and revenue but also to serious loss of brand authority in your industry. If you want to make the most of the impacts with your app and push it into a global marketplace with significant success right from the onset, professional app localization is the best way to do so.

2. Higher Revenue and Exposure

The more people hear about your brand, the better your revenue stream will become over time. This cannot be overstated when it comes to app localization as it can significantly impact your appeal in the eyes of casual users and those with no knowledge of the English language.

Higher exposure in the case of a published app will unquestionably lead to more downloads, more in-app or product purchases, as well as a higher profit margin for your business along the way. The newly-acquired revenue can then be invested in further app development, localization efforts, content marketing and other areas in which your app can grow and improve over time.

3. Multicultural Marketing Approach

Building a multicultural brand for your app is one of the advantages app localization will bring to the table. Michael Grady, Head of Content Marketing at Trust My Paper spoke on the topic recently: “The best way to build a cohesive community around your project is to simply invite more people to use it through translation and localization. To go a step further, you can even hire people of different lingual backgrounds to work in your company and actively contribute to the project on an ongoing basis, further cementing your multicultural business model going forward.”

By integrating different languages into your app, you will effectively invite people of different cultures, skin colors, beliefs, and religions to enjoy your app and share experiences with one another. In the age of social media and online communities, this approach to brand building can be highly effective at painting a positive picture of your business to the whole world.

4. Building a Global User Base

One of the simplest and most important ways in which professional app localization will help your cause is by ensuring that more people use the app itself. A global audience will always have more growth and development potential than a localized one, ensuring that your brand gets exposure and public awareness along the way.

Your global audience can also help in further app development by pitching different ideas, feedback, and comments which will naturally come from vastly different backgrounds and preferences. This will give you invaluable data for further updates, localization efforts and brand loyalty marketing efforts, growing your global user base as a result.

5. Becoming a Competitive Brand

For better or worse, your app will always compete for dominance on the market within your industry. However, adding localized UI and UX options for your users’ convenience will ensure that you have a competitive edge against other brands on the market.

Justin Lynch, UX Specialist at Studicus spoke greatly on the matter: “Any added feature or option you provide your users with compared to other products on the market will effectively put you on the pedestal in their eyes. Thus, quality of life features such as language selection will ensure that competitors think twice about how to compete with your position on the market you both operate in.”

6. Your App’s Longevity on the Market

In the age of high-speed internet and flow of information, becoming obsolete is a matter of when not if. As such, localized applications with higher levels of user appeal and utility will undoubtedly outlive their competition.

Localizing your app and retrofitting it for a global market will ensure that your code is used for longer than it would be otherwise. Longevity will provide you with passive income and the ability to stay in touch with modern trends for far longer simply because you chose to build an international audience rather than a smaller, localized one.

Playing the Long Game (Conclusion)

The best justification you could find for professional app localization is to simply put yourself in the shoes of your users. People with no academic education or those who are elderly or too young to become bilingual will be immensely appreciative of your initiative to make the app available to them.

This can lead to organic word of mouth spreading around the world, positive brand advocacy and user loyalty which couldn’t be achieved with any form of traditional marketing. Discover which languages are the most sought after in your industry and start adapting your app for localization today in order to reap its benefits tomorrow.

Remember once again that, a spotless app localization helps you reach a wide audience. It is what you need if you want to appeal to a global audience in your business.

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