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Why a Blog for Your Local Community Can Be a Rewarding Thing to Start

If you would really like to start a blog where you can build up a good following and write about things you care about, then doing a local blog aimed at the people in the community where you live can be the perfect choice. Exactly how local you want to make the focus of your blog is up to you – you can base it on your whole city, or just a neighborhood. Some places even have blogs for single streets (though usually especially long ones!).

Here are reasons why being a local community blogger could be an ideal avenue for consistent income generation and getting your voice heard!

Community blogging

Getting Started

You can start your own local interest blog easily, simply by choosing and buying a domain name, and hosting it at bestwebhosting.co.uk, then setting up a basic design using content management system such as WordPress. After which you are set to start writing  and uploading media about your community, and spread the word to the world!

So why is blogging about local matters is such a good idea? Here, we take a look at some of the benefits:

Clear, Targeted Audience

One of the simplest reasons why making a local blog is a great idea, is that you know exactly who your target audience are, with no ambiguity! They are your neighbors, local businesses, and people looking for places to go near you, schools, and everybody else who make up the community you call home. You know that even the most minor news, if it is local enough, will be interesting and important to the people it affects, and that having a resource where they can find it, talk about it together, and even report their own news, is something they will welcome in their lives if your content is positive and timely.

Great Opportunities to Partner with Local Businesses

Local businesses often rely on online marketing, and use methods like targeting local people on Twitter and Facebook, and running SEO campaigns to get them noticed when people search for services they offer in your town. However, what can work extremely well for them is coverage or advertising on a blog that already targets their intended demographic – that is, the people who live in your area. Whether you want to monetize your local blog or just do it for the community as a hobby, this presents opportunities for you. You can get interesting new content by doing interviews with local business owners or write ups of their promotional events, or you can work towards advertising deals with them. Some local blogs even work with things like local restaurants to give them their own column where they can share recipes or tips!

Once your blog has picked up a following, you can also rely on your community to generate content to keep it fresh. Allow local people to comment freely on your posts, or submit news and posts of their own to the blog. Work hard and you can make your blog the go to place for information for everybody in your community!

Are you intending running a local community blog but not knowing whether to start it or not? Let’s hear what you views are about this article.

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  1. This is why I run several local blogs with my different teams. I love to share my views and with blogging we can get it done at just a click.


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