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LG at CES 2013: High Definition Displays for Mobiles, Tablets, and Laptops

Year 2012 was just awesome for the smartphones and tablets industry. We seen some nice gadgets coming from the tech giants like Samsung, Sony, HTC. A much more is expected in 2013.

If the Sony Xperia Z is expected to be first flagship smartphone of new year, then on other side, successor of the highly popular Galaxy S3, the ‘Samsung Galaxy S4’ will be hitting the market in late April or start of June, and Apple’s iPhone 5S is rumored to launch in fall of Summer. Many devices in 2013 will come up with full HD 1080p display. One can expect the announcement of many new devices with 1080p display at Consumer Electronics Show 2013 (CES 2013).

Everyone is expecting some big announcements from LG at CES 2013. Are you a die-hard fan of LG and are eager to know about the products that you will be seeing by LG at CES 2013? Let’s have a look at what booths from LG at CES 2013 will be having for you.

LG at CES 2013

Smartphones and Tablets at CES 2013

Along with internal features of smartphones, display is what considered at high note by the customers nowadays. LG knows this fact as well and is working hard to juice-up the features of all of its upcoming smartphones with full-HD display. It is almost clear that smartphones that will be unveiled by LG at CES 2013 will be featuring full-HD display.

LG will be unveiling its 4.7 inch smartphone with full-HD display quality of 1080p. Along with it, a 5.5-inch tablet with a 1080p display with 403 ppi will be shown off by LG at CES 2013.

Talking about the tablets, we may be seeing a 7-inch tablet screen size with a 1920×1200 resolution and 324ppi pixel density getting unveiled by LG at CES 2013.

These yet-to-unveiled smartphones and tablets clearly show the intention of this Korean manufacturer to overtake the popularity meter of Android and iOS smartphones/tablets, which currently rule the market and are big rivals of LG.

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Ultrabooks and Laptops at CES 2013

Apart from smartphones and tablets, there will be unveiling of Laptops and Ultrabooks by LG at CES 2013. LG will be revealing its 12.9-inch QSXGA graphic display (2560×1700) for ultrabooks. A 13.3-inch laptop screen with design being at just 2mm will also get unveiled by LG at CES 2013.

Monitors and Televisions at CES 2013

Not stopped yet as LG at CES 2013 will be showing off something incredible in the Monitors and Televisions category. A 23.8-inch monitor from the Neo-Blade series will be seen at CES 2013. Moreover, LG at CES 2013 will be revealing a 4K2K 30-inch PC having 4096×2160 pixles resolution. This much resolution is just awesome. LG even claims that this monitor is the highest resolution PC monitor till date.

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Google TV models will be shown by LG at CES 2013, and the company has already announced it. One can expect the unveiling of  ultra high definition TVs with 3D technology by Korean Manufacturer LG at CES 2013.

If all these products actually get unveiled by LG at CES 2013, then there will surely be a boost up in the sales graph. Fingers are crossed and all are waiting eagerly for CES 2013 which is going to be there from January 8 January 11 at  Las Vegas. Along with an eye on LG’s products, we will be keeping an eye on all major announcements at CES 2013. Stay tuned!

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