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  • How to Add Value to Your Business with Effective Video Testimonials

    We are in an age where content is dominating the digital marketing world. You need to create content that lures the interest of your potential customers without being too contrived. Customer testimonials are considered the most effective content marketing strategy in the digital marketing landscape. It is no surprise that people expect evidence to believe […]

  • The Domain Name and Its Effect on Your Business

    The domain name you choose for your company represents one of the most important factors for growing your business. It helps your business website rank better in search engine results, mostly through keyword placement in the domain name and domain age and authority. In other words, domain name selection is a fundamental factor for any […]

  • Top 5 Web Design Trends Experts Says Will Dominate the Market in 2019

    Industry experts have released top five web design trends that will help you dominate in your field this year.  Is it accurate to say that you are a businessperson who is searching for an opportunity to make a statement with your brand image with the goal that your potential buyers observe you to be a […]

  • 4 Ways Through Which Social Media Could Help Grow Your Brand

    There are over 3.4 billion social media users who are divided across multiple social media platforms. The high interest in the platform offers marketers the ability to reach large audiences, which could help increase brand awareness and help you achieve some brand social media marketing goals. You need to set up a brand social media […]

  • 8 Effective Branding Design Principles You Should Know About

    A branding design consists of the physical attributes and symbolic elements that build a brand. In other words, it comes in visual presentation and makes the products and services appealing to the customers. In designing a brand, you should pinpoint every detail to come up with a unique design. It should contain a sense of […]

  • The Evolution of Web Design – What Are the Best Web Design Practices?

    Web development is characterized as the work procedure that goes into making and dealing with a website either for the World Wide Web or for a private system/intranet. The work that goes into change can result in greatness, from being simple and straight forward to being a multi-faceted endeavor of joining a complicated blend of […]

  • 4 Ways to Include Bots in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    There are thousands of companies across the planet who are already using bots to assist them in day-to-day business management operations. Team management, human resources, accounting and telecommunications are all on the road to being well and truly disrupted through the increasing availability and accessibility of artificial intelligence-powered software solutions. And they aren’t the only […]

  • How to Double E-commerce Sales with Instagram Marketing with Steps to Build a Formidable Empire on Instagram

    Can Instagram help e-commerce websites boost sales and revenue? The answer is yes, it can! Many webmasters are not sure on how they can double their e-commerce sales with the help of Instagram. If you look at the social media platform Instagram, you will find that the platform has over 300 million active users online […]