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Wearables You Could Buy This Christmas Season

You’re looking for something to give out for Christmas to someone who can’t get enough of technology? Chances are that he or she is thinking about wearables this year since these new products have been all the talk at the different tech shows around the world. As the month of December starts, wearables will be a hot thing in electronic stores, so check out the list below. If you’re looking for good buys come this Christmas season, check out the following products that might please different kinds of people.

Wearables: Geeky gadgets lovers

Wearables We Recommend You Should Buy This Christmas Season

1. Apple Watch

Apple Watch on display

The Apple Watch is obviously one of the top wearables and there are people out there who won’t be satisfied until they get their hands on the main wearable everybody is talking about. The Apple Watch builds on the solid experience of the iPhone and delivers it in a more portable format, but those familiar with the world of Apple will find it very easy to use. While the Apple Watch keeps communication to the essential, it can still accomplish a wide selection of actions, including the ability to pay, help you in sports, as well as access other quality apps. The look is high-tech and should make the owner proud to own the latest in terms of technology.

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2. Fitbit

FitBit wearable lets you monitor what is monitorable

Christmas and New Year is also a time when people think about getting in shape and we can pretty much say for sure that fitness wearables have a bright future. In the latest technology news, there has been a lot of new products, as well as concepts that have grabbed our attention. Not only new products are being created, but old products also take new forms with the inclusion of apps, or simply by being more portable or comfortable through the general tiny tech found in wearables. This year, we suggest Fitbit. It’s a wearable that’s sure to fit the rest of your sport equipment with its colorful look and that was made to take care of sweat properly. It might not be as advanced as the Apple Watch, but not all sports addicts want to carry a more complicated device like the Apple Watch. With its associated app, you can follow all areas of your regimen at once, and instead of waiting to arrive home to think about food and calories, you can do so right at the gym or on the track and really build yourself a routine that makes sense. Wearables don’t necessarily have to be complicated, especially when it comes to gifts, and the Fitbit could therefore be a wise pick.

3. Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel Wearable

The Pebble is obviously another smart pick to put under the Christmas tree. This company has established itself as a specialized one for this new trend of wearables and can be a cool alternative to the Apple Watch. Contrarily to Apple, Pebble is able to offer much much classic looks and might satisfy people who are looking for a replacement for their current watch rather than the look of a brand new gadget on their wrist. Being subtle is part of what makes wearables so interesting and Pebble is testing out of all kinds of designs and have done so efficiently so far. Of course, if you want a sure pick, the Pebble Steel is probably their most popular product, and it looks good as well.

4. Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band Wearable

Again with the fitness wearables, the Microsoft Band is a product that can provide the interface and look that people are familiar with on their cellphone and computer and bring it to the world of wearables. It’s a product that focuses on one purpose and is less likely to distract you in all kinds of ways as you make efforts to reach a better overall health. Still, you will be able to read your text messages and get your eyes on your email with this thing. The Windows tiles system works well and simply on the wrist and makes the world of wearables accessible for this Christmas season.

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5. Samsung Gear

If going for wearables means getting rid of your cellphone, you might want to look into the Samsung Gear, which will be the perfect replacement for your well-known Android phone. The Gear comes in a variety of styles, and the look can go from classic to very modern. In terms of being flashy, the Gear might not trigger a lot of attention on the world news headlines, but it’s an effective and classy way of getting in the wearables world at the moment. It’s an important wearable, since it’s proof that smartwatches can be classy and if you have some family members or friends that think tech isn’t worth a place on their wrist, a product like this is very likely to change their minds.

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Let’s celebrate this Christmas and New Year with all the joy and happiness in life by utilizing this above mentioned top 5 wearables in your day-to-day life. You may also gift these wearables to your friends and family on this auspicieuse occasion that would prove the best gift in their life.


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