Living the Modern Life: Using Technology to Stay Fit and Healthy

Fitness is slowly but surely becoming a big part of modern lifestyle and fitness enthusiasts want to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that they stay in good shape.

Modern-day lifestyle is also technology-oriented with an increasing number of people becoming dependent on it for the smooth functioning of their day-to-day activities.

The good news is that ‘fitness and technology can be mixed,’ and the combination often produces great outcomes. Using hi-tech gadgets to stay fit not only makes accomplishing goals convenient, but also easier and consistent.

Mentioned ahead are a few ways to live a healthy lifestyle with the help of technology that aids fitness.

7 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy Leveraging on Technology Tools

Living the Modern Life Using Technology to Stay Fit and Healthy
How to Use Technology to Stay Fit and Healthy in this era | CC:- Pixabay

1. Track Your Nutrition Intake

So you want to lose weight, but that does not mean that you compromise on the quality of food you eat. Also, following fad diets and cutting out certain food items from your diet can result in the deficiency of essential nutrients. However, you want to keep the nutrients and cut out the calories, which is why keeping track of your daily nutrition in paramount.

In fact, the more active your lifestyle is, the greater is the need to pay attention to your daily nutrition intake.

Several mobile apps can help you with this. All you need is a smartphone app that will enable you to track your daily nutrient and calorie consumption which, in turn, will help you make healthier food choices.

2. Monitor the Shape of Your Heart

Sure, you want to work out and do so enthusiastically, but are you doing it in a healthy manner? It is important to consider the heart rate and monitor it, especially when indulging in intense physical activity. This is where the use of a heart rate monitor comes into the picture.

If you use cardio machines, you may often find them equipped with a heart rate monitor that displays how hard your body is working.

Modern portable heart rate monitors can be worn during indoor and outdoor workouts. Make sure you’re aware of your maximum heart rate (the highest number of times your heart can beat per minute), though to be able to use it effectively as this is important to determine training intensities.

Further, basing your training session intervals or workout schedules on your heart rate can strengthen your overall cardiovascular health.

3. Wear Fitness On the Move

Wearing fitness-monitoring devices has made it extremely convenient for modern people to get accustomed to their fitness routine and keep an accurate tab on their workout. It, therefore, isn’t surprising that the trend has picked up in a short span of time.

These devices are user-friendly and extremely accessible as they can be worn at all times and can measure the calories burned, sleep patterns, heart rate, movement, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, and also the number of steps an individual takes in a day.

These devices can be synced with mobile apps and used to develop and maintain our vital statistics. This can go a long way in assisting us to achieve the type of body we have always wanted, and can be a massive self-esteem motivator.

These fitness gadgets give further impetus to the phrase “health is wealth,” making sure that by investing in them, we promise ourselves a healthy lifestyle.

5. Play Video Games

Workout and interactive dance games have been around for quite a while now, but haven’t really gotten due attention. When playing such games or exergaming, you take the concept of exercising in front of the TV to another level.

Several gaming devices offer gaming consoles and fitness games, which come with 3D exercise demos, calorie counters, track heart rate, measure muscle exertion, and also dole out expert tips on how users should move. Get one today to make your workouts more fun than ever!

6. Be a Hot-Stepper

One of the first thoughts that is bound to strike anyone who’s trying to lose weight and be fit is hopping upon one of those exercise machines. Of course, there are a variety of such machines like elliptical machines, steppers, cross trainers, treadmills, and rowers, and each one comes with its own merits and demerits. Affordability is also a factor that comes into play.

Of the above, steppers are relatively easier on the pocket. Further, because of their small size, they can be used at home, can be stored properly, and used for a natural workout. Elliptical machines provide full-body workouts, as do cross trainers as they keep the entire body moving so one can lose weight rapidly and stay fit.

Rowers are great too as they tone the backs, arms, and belly and thigh muscles. Walking on a treadmill can benefit the lower body, i.e. the quadriceps and hamstrings in the thighs, the gastrocnemius and soleus in calves, the hip flexors and the gluteal muscles.

As and when you feel ready to amp up the intensity of your workout, increase the treadmill’s incline. Doing so helps burn more calories.

7. Join Online Social Communities

With the Internet taking over virtually every aspect of our lives, fitness hasn’t been spared either. And that’s a good thing because such technology can bring about social accountability, which can boost motivation.

You can keep things fun by joining fitness-related online communities to touch base with others working towards getting fit. You can record your workouts and upload them to the Internet, thereby enabling yourself to not only track your workouts, but also compare your statistics and progress.


More often than not, advancing technology gets all the flack for people living sedentary lifestyles in the modern age. However, a lot depends on your perspective. You can use your tech gadgets as motivational tools to get active and stay fit. It’s no secret that an increasing number of people use mobile apps and exercise equipment to supplement their workouts and successfully achieve their weight and fitness goals. With sufficient effort and persistence, you can be one of these achievers as well!

You can stay fit and healthy simply by obeying natural laws of healthy living, and latest technological advancements has over the time proven helpful in interpreting these laws. All you need is to avail yourself of the handy inforamtion at your disposal and use them to the fullest.

I charge you to stay fit and healthy today…you have no better choice than this.

Happy Children’s Day to all our readers worldwide.

– Stand-in Editor, TechAtLast





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