“Chinko phones” are rebranding, Tecno Phantom A (F7) smartphone now rocks the Nigerian Market

Nigeria has a rapidly growing market for smartphones. Since Nigeria is an open market, there are series of cell phones that rock in the country, from simple phones that cost little price like the scientific calculator to high-end smartphones that cost as much as a used Golf 2 Volkswagen car.

Tecno Phantom A

There are so many phones in the market mostly from the Chinese local phone makers which are nicknamed “Chinko” they lack properly signed software. They are not Android, not iOS, not Windows Phone, neither are they Symbian or BlackBerry. I wonder the kind of technology those guys’ uses in making the cell phone run. If I should continue describing those phones, I will have to digress so much away for the Tecno Phantom A I want to talk about.

Tecno used to belong to the group of Chinko versions, until lately when I began to see their advert on TV media promising smartphones running on Android OS. I had never taken time to critically look at any of their new device before because I have written them off. 🙁

I had a friend who needed to buy a smartphone, he knew I am a tech blogger and makes smartphone reviews and ask me for an advice on which phone he could get for a 20k naira budget (approx $120), because he specifically mentioned Samsung, with that budget, I quickly referred him to the Galaxy Pocket or the dual variant Galaxy Pocket duo. I have known the Galaxy Y, but I prefer the Pocket.

On getting to market, things changed as he was introduced to the Tecno Phantom A. He quickly called me up to certify the phone before he buys it, I had wanted to write the phone off because of my first impression, but I decided to check an online review. Behold was a powerfully packed smart cell machine far more powerful than the Galaxy pocket I recommended yet with an affordable budget. Most of us bloggers had always been concentrating on the big names; Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Sony etc. But the young players are gradually coming up.

Tecno Phantom A

A look into the packages offered by the Tecno Phantom A (F7)

How would you rate and certify a smartphone as smart enough?

The Internal and attached Memory, RAM, Chipset, Battery life, Connectivity, Camera and the rest.

On tecno official website, tecno-mobile.com, I browse to see the Tecno Phantom A at the product page, Tecno tagged the device “Innovation Librated

Hardware and Chipset

The Tecno Phantom A packs an internal memory of 4GB supported by a 1GB RAM with a microSD card slot that could add up to 32GB to your memory space. It is powered by a MT65774H Dual Core Snapdragon S4 CPU that clocks at 1.0GHz along with a PowerVR SGX531 Ultra GPU.

Operation System

This is where the Tecno Phantom A stuns me; it runs on Android 4.1 called Jelly Bean compare to the Cupcake Android 2.3 on the Galaxy Pocket I previously recommended.


The Tecno Phantom A spots an 8.0 megapixel primary camera; it also has a secondary front camera with 1.2MP for video calling. Shots video at 720p@30fps and has a resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels.

Camera features: LED Flash, autofocus, digital zoom, scene selection, white balance and HD video recording.

Tecno Phantom A


The device has a 5.0-inch IPS Touchscreen with a HD resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels.

Connectivity and Data

GPRS/EDGE/3G or Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Hotspot, up to 21Mbps on 3G networks. The connectivity option on the Tecno Phantom A includes; GPS, Bluetooth, USB and 3.5mm jack.


Proximity, G-sensor, Light sensor.

Other features include;

  • Document editor (Microsoft Office tools, PDF and Kindle EBook reader)
  • Google apps: Maps, Calendar, YouTube, Gmail, Picasa, GTalk, Google+ and Search.
  • Stereo FM Radio
  • Music and Video player

Body and Design

The weight of the Tecno Phantom A is not being specified on the website, but it has a 9.1mm super slim body.


The F7 smartphone device has a BL-3H 2100mAh capacity battery which boasts of talk time up to 120 hours and standby time up to 400 hours.


Tecno made the Black and White model of the device.


The Tecno Phantom A sells between N35, 000 – N37, 000 in cell phone shops available in Nigeria with a 12 + 1 month warranty from the maker.

What are your thoughts on Tecno Phantom A? Let us know in the comment below






4 responses to ““Chinko phones” are rebranding, Tecno Phantom A (F7) smartphone now rocks the Nigerian Market”

  1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

    Helpful review, I love this new smartphone. Maybe I should consider it ahead Blackberry release of BBM on Android instead of my iPad…

  2. 99hosters Avatar

    It is nice post about these Chinko phones. it is a smartphone now rocks the Nigerian Market.

  3. Antoinette Roder Avatar
    Antoinette Roder

    I think all of which I needed in a smartphone is here. The best is the battery… definitely looking for something that will really last long.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yes, the smartphone is awesome. I personally love its features. Hoping TECNO would improve on this and produce another interesting tecno smartphone that would serve all customers across every field soon. Africa smartphone market is at its maturity age, and there’s need for features smartphone from different companies with interest in serving the low-income earning set of people. And I think TECNO has filled this area well. Although, iTell is trying to embrace similar believe, but time will tell if they can keep up the competition in Africa!

      Thanks Roder for having your voice here 🙂

      – Olawale

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